Chris Jericho roasts Rusev on Twitter and we are here for it

Oh, the shade of it all! The WWE has more burn book-style drama than Mean Girls, so when we learned that Chris Jericho roasted Rusev on Twitter, we decided to find out what for!

It all started when a few wrestlers were live-tweeting during the Wednesday night broadcast of the hit reality show, Total Divas. Rusev, in the most ill-advised tweet of the century, shaded Renee Young for missing the shot in basketball.

Never mind the fact that basketball was invented by a Canadian. Of course, Renee Young wasn’t going to let that slight against her slide and she fired back with a burn of her own.

Rusev decided to double-down and tweeted this bit of cruelty.

This, of course, didn’t sit well with the new United States champion who is, himself, a native of Winnipeg.

And with that comment, Chris Jericho roasted Rusev alive with just one tweet.

Ouch! That hurt our feelings and it wasn’t even directed at us! Need some cold water for that savage burn, Rusev?

Of course, Rusev tried to come back with a retort about Andre the Giant, a French wrestler who was, apparently, half-Bulgarian. He also mumbled something about Jericho being a wannabe rock star (no arguments from this corner), and something else about Jericho being 62 years old. But frankly, there was no real recovery from that little bit of Jeri-KO savagery. And it’s interesting how Rusev didn’t even cite himself as being a “good” Bulgarian wrestler. Bless his heart!

What do you think of how Chris Jericho roasts Rusev?

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