Chad Gable def. King Corbin

SACRAMENTO — King Corbin’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week continues. Just two days after he was humiliated by Becky Lynch and The Rock, the 2019 King of the Ring found himself in a state of disbelief after what he clearly thought would be an easy win against Chad Gable.

In fairness, Corbin might have notched the win had he relied on his skills alone. He did, after all, defeat Gable in the King of the Ring Final to earn the throne. But “His Grace’s” insistence on piling on the short jokes — he went so far as to dub the former Tag Team Champion “Shorty Gable” — clearly motivated Gable to bring his A-game against the largely reviled monarch.

All joking aside, Corbin’s size advantage helped him much as it did in the tournament. While Gable excelled each time the fight came down to the mat, The Lone Wolf overpowered his foe at almost every turn. Corbin even mustered the energy to kick out of Gable’s rolling Chaos Theory suplex and counter his running cannonball kicks into an earthshaking powerbomb. But Gable used his size to his advantage, ducking when Corbin swung his scepter at his head and rolling him up from behind for the pin.

And yes, laugh if you want about the use of a small package. And yes, Greg Hamilton did announce him as “Shorty Gable” upon the conclusion of the match. But words, as they say in Westeros, are wind. And whether Gable is a small man or not, he’s about to cast a very big shadow.