Cesaro and Sheamus Are Becoming WWE’s Best Tag Team

After an unlikely pairing by RAW General Manager Mick Foley, Cesaro and Sheamus are quickly becoming the best tag team in all of WWE.

It has been a rough few months for Monday Night RAW. The brand which has always been considered the “A” show in WWE, has been viewed by many as the weaker show compared to Smackdown Live.

Despite having the abundance of picks and the Cruiserweight division exclusively on RAW, the brand struggled due to numerous issues. However, for the last few weeks, the Flagship Show has begun to turn things around.

One of the key bright spots on the show has been the formation of Cesaro and Sheamus as a tag team. Both superstars were drafted extremely late during the brand extension. The Swiss Superman even cut a promo venting his frustration as he believed he should’ve been drafted earlier, and to Smackdown Live.

The Celtic Warrior also vented his frustration as he felt that his past accomplishments should have merited him being drafted earlier, despite having a lackluster few months. With the two seemingly doing nothing early on, Foley after watching these two battle, pitted them in a best to seven series, with the winner earning a championship match.

While fans were disappointed that WWE could not think of anything better for these two, their matches actually became must watch. Sheamus gained a 3-0 lead on Cesaro taking the first three matches.

Cesaro though refused to give, doing the seemingly impossible and tying the series up 3-3 after he won three straight. Match No. 7 was slated to happen at Clash of Champions. The two stole the show and had an incredible match.

However after a double count out the match was called a no contest thus the match was called a draw. Still tied at 3-3 many fans felt that another match seven would take place on RAW the following night. Mick Foley though had other plans.

After telling the competitors that there would be no seventh match again, Foley decided to pair the two of them as a tag team, stating that their championship opportunity would be for the RAW Tag Team Championships.

This unlikely pairing was viewed by many to be a waste for both stars, however, the two have quickly become the most entertaining team in WWE. The two’s general dislike for one another has created a very funny pairing both inside and outside the ring.

Despite not wanting to, the duo will help each other during the match, for the reason they want to win, not necessarily help their partner. The duo is now being compared to possibly becoming the next Rock and Sock Connection.

Rock and Foley could not stand each other originally. The duo had spent the majority of late 1998 and early 1999 beating the tar out of one another. The duo then came together in late 1999, winning the Tag Team Championships on three separate occasions.

Rock and Foley created comedic gold with their partnership and became one of the most popular tag teams of all time. Cesaro and Sheamus could potentially become the next comedic tag team in WWE.

The duo has had some hilarious banter with one another as Sheamus has come off as the goof and Cesaro has come off as the cool member of the team. Along with their fantastic banter outside the ring, the two continue to show their skills inside the ring.

The two were the sole survivors for team RAW at the Survivor Series and put on the strongest performance in the match. The two have clicked almost instantly as a tag team in the ring and their matches have become must watch.

With The New Day starting to become stale, it might be time to have Cesaro and Sheamus win the championships. The duo tried to win the belts on RAW, but came up short when interference from Xavier Woods cost the two the match.

With it looking like The New Day and their reign on top coming to a close, Cesaro and Sheamus should continue their unlikely pairing by winning the Tag Gold at WWE Roadblock. It has been only two months The Celtic Warrior and The Swiss Superman have become an excellent Tag Team. With the success they have shown, the duo needs to be rewarded with The RAW Tag Team Championships.

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