Bullet Club Adds New Member at ROH TV Taping (Photo)

At Saturday night’s ROH TV taping, the Bullet Club expanded and added a surprising new member to the stable.

The Bullet Club has become one of the most popular wrestling stables over the past four years. This began with Prince “Finn Balor” Devitt starting the stable in 2013 and being there until his departure in 2014. Wrestlers like the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Tama Tonga, and Bad Luke Fale have since joined the group and become long-standing members.

Over the past year, Ring of Honor has had a bigger presence in the group. It added Adam Cole and Adam Page, while also taking in freelancing wrestler, Cody Rhodes, who has worked a handful of ROH events.

Well, the Bullet Club has taken in yet another new member. This would see Frankie Kazarian join the group. He looked to make the save for his Addiction teammate, Christopher Daniels, who had went to confront Adam Cole in the ring after his match. Kazarian then came out to seemingly make the save, but instead, took off his jacket to show off a Bullet Club shirt he was wearing, signifying that he is part of the stable. He and the rest of the members would attack Daniels.

This brings the Bullet Club to 13 members and the fourth person they’ve added within the past six months. Kazarian is a bit of a surprise since he and Daniels have made for a formidable duo in the ROH Tag Team Division. Most duos come to an end at some point, however, so it seems we’re in for a feud between these two.

Kazarian joining also further expands the United States presence of the Bullet Club, which has been a bit of a bridge for fans to NJPW. With the promotion heading to California this summer, it seems like they’re doing whatever possible to reach a new fanbase.

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