Braun Strowman & The Viking Raiders def. The O.C. via Disqualification

SACRAMENTO — One of the biggest moments on the Friday Night SmackDown premiere was the pointed staredown between Braun Strowman and lineal heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. The latter will be given an open mic on Raw to speak his mind against The Monster Among Men, but he’d do well to consult Hell in a Cell before he lets his words get away from him. As The Viking Raiders’ mystery partner against The O.C., Strowman was a force, singlehandedly turning the match in his team’s favor and seemingly sending Fury a message once the match was over.

The good brothers spent the majority of the match attempting to make sure that didn’t happen. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson have certainly had their struggles against The Viking Raiders, but having United States Champion AJ Styles involved in the action seemed to be enough of an equalizer to prevent history from repeating itself. Once Strowman entered the match, however, things turned so quickly into a rout that the entire O.C. got jumped the behemoth, mugging Braun to the tune of a disqualification victory for Strowman and the Raiders.

Unable to leave well enough alone, Styles decided he still wanted his chance to KO Strowman, setting the big man up for a Phenomenal Forearm. But Braun swatted The Phenomenal One clean out of the Sacramento sky with a big right hand to the Georgia native’s jaw that floored the two-time WWE Champion. And if Strowman’s post-match pose and grin weren’t enough of a message, perhaps the sight of Styles stumbling up the ramp was. Clearly, Fury and Strowman are both monsters. But clearly, if there’s a fight to be had, Strowman welcomes it.