Becky Lynch Should Have Been WWE SmackDown’s Captain at Survivor Series

With her being the current Smackdown Live Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch should be captaining the Women’s team against RAW’s for the Survivor Series.

A few weeks ago, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon challenged Stephanie McMahon and Micky Foley and the RAW brand to three Survivor Series matches. One bout would consist of the top tag teams of both brands clashing with one another. The next would be the top male stars battling against one another. Finally, the third match would consist of the top women on both brands.

Raw decided to have the Women’s Champion, Charlotte captain Team Red into battle. Many thought Smackdown Live would do the same giving the Irish Lass Kicker, and current Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, the role of captain for Team Blue. However, Nikki Bella was instead chosen as the captain of the women’s team. She beat Natalya in a match where the winner would become the captain of Team Smackdown Live.

Although Nikki Bella is a formidable captain, Team Smackdown Live should be lead by Becky Lynch. The Irish Lass Kicker is the first and current Smackdown Live Women’s Champion and thus should be the leader of the team.

With Charlotte as the captain and current champion over on RAW, the leaders of the teams should be the current titleholders. In fact, all the other Survivor Series matches feature the champions as the captains. The fact that Lynch is not the captain of Smackdown Live really diminishes both her and the new championship. She was also the first female drafted by Team Blue during the draft.

The competitive division on Smackdown Live was built around Becky Lynch and thus she should be leading the team. Along with being the face of the division and the champion Lynch is the all around best female on the blue brand’s roster.

Lynch can talk on the mic, she is dominant in the ring, and there was a reason why she got became the first woman drafted on SmackDown. Being the all around top female on the brand, she really should be leading them into battle come Survivor Series.

Another key factor why Becky should be the team captain is that there could be a backlash against Nikki Bella by the fans. It’ss no secret now that Bella is both the sister-in-law of Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan and girlfriend of top star John Cena. With such favoritism coming towards her recently it could cause the fans to turn on Bella just like they have against other stars in the past. This could have a negative effect on The Fearless One as she could lose the fans and with Smackdown lacking top face females with the exception of Lynch this could hurt the division.

With the fans already booing the fact that Total Bellas gets promoted during Smackdown Live, Bella becoming captain that completely turns the fans against Bella. Having a smart crowd like Toronto hosting the Survivor Series, it could really be a harsh night for Bella.

With the brands going into their first Survivor Series, all of the champions should of been the captains of their teams. With two weeks before the next event WWE should think of some way to make the Irish Lass Kicker  as the captain.

If WWE wants fans to really feel like the Smackdown Live Women’s division can match RAW’s then Becky Lynch needs to be the captain of the team.

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