Angel Garza def. Humberto Carrillo

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA — Humberto Carrillo’s loss to Angel Garza this past Monday was close. So close, in fact, that it merited a rematch between the two at WWE Super ShowDown. But unfortunately for Carrillo, the bout ended in near-identical fashion, though minus the chicanery that marred Garza’s initial victory on Raw.

The Super ShowDown match was a much more emphatic affair, featuring more dives and kicks than slap fights, which were a staple of their match on Monday. But it came down to the exact same contest of skill, with the pair exchanging roll-up combinations and pinning predicaments across the ring.

Once again, Carrillo found himself caught by the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion, and this time, Garza didn’t even need to grab a handful of tights to get the win. The exhaustion and disappointment on Carrillo’s face was understandable. For all his skills, he’s simply at a loss for answers. Luckily for him, reinforcements are set to arrive in the form of Rey Mysterio, who will team with Carrillo to take on Garza and United States Champion Andrade on Monday. Could a tag bout tip the scales on this one-sided family rivalry?