Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Had Another Backstage Fight

The backstage drama surrounding Alberto Del Rio and Paige never seems to end.

Former WWE employee Alberto Del Rio and his girlfriend Paige were recently at the Arena Naucalpan outside of Mexico City to watch Alberto’s brother Guillermo Rodríguez, who briefly wrestled in NXT as Memo Montenegro. The pair did the usual photo ops and glad-handing before heading backstage. And here’s where it gets felonious, according to Super Luchas.

While backstage in the locker room area, ADR got into a fight with a wrestler named Alan Xtreme, who also wrestles as “Rafy”, a member of the Ninja Turtles faction. Yes, those very same Ninja Turtles. You may be wondering how a wrestler can get away with such shameless copyright infringement but keep in mind that this is Mexico and U.S. copyright law is treated with about the same reverence as any other U.S. law. While witnesses speculate about who started the fight, the general consensus is that ADR thought Rafy inappropriately touched Paige. As tends to happen in these scenarios (especially involving this much machismo), the situation got physical fairly quickly and spilled out into the hallway that led to the ring. Some fans were able to witness the brawl and quickly posted their footage on social media.

Since ADR has both a distinct height and weight advantage over the much smaller Rafy, the fight was reportedly quite one-sided. The next day, Rafy put out a Facebook post saying he’s fine and asked his fans to forget about the incident. Read into this however you like, but Rafy didn’t deny that he had committed any wrongdoing or indicate that ADR attacked him without provocation. Paige has chosen to remain silent on this matter. Undoubtedly some fans will side with ADR in this instance, but it’s telling that he seemingly chooses to resolve all of his conflicts with physical violence.

Paige’s official WWE suspension ended last Friday and rumors persist that she will be employed as a trainer for future WWE superstars. Why this would be a terrible idea is a topic for a different article but any future employment with the WWE means that she will hopefully be away from the toxic atmosphere ADR seems to inhabit.

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