A look at Scott Hall’s career as he turns 58

George Pimentel/WireImage

Scott Hall is one of the most charismatic people to have stepped in a wrestling ring. Whether as “Razor Ramon” or himself, “The Bad Guy is one beloved Superstar.

On his 58th birthday, a look at some of the great wrestling moments of his Hall-of-Fame-career.

Razor Ramon's WWE debut

A classic vignette from a restaurant, where he clears the table

Helping his friend Sean Waltman, aka the 1-2-3 Kid get over big time

The $10,000 match…of course

A guest appearance on “The Jerry Springer Show”

Hall brings out his friend and compadre Kevin Nash. “We ain't here to play.”

A rarity: Hall turns on his best friend, Nash

The nWo debuts in WWE

“One man proved it can be good to be The Bad Guy”

On Larry King with friends DDP and Jake Roberts

And Living on a Razor's Edge: The Scott Hall Story