5 Potential Destinations for Matt Hardy If TNA is Deleted

TNA looks to be in serious trouble; what will happen to Matt Hardy and his “broken” family if TNA becomes obsolete?

Since wrestling is entertainment, what is good and what is bad is subjective. With that being said, however, it seems as though a large percentage of wrestling fans are of the subjective opinion that TNA wrestling isn’t very good. It has been that way for quite some time, and now finally after years of barely surviving this looks like it could really be the end for the company.

Rumors of TNA’s demise have been greatly exaggerated for years, however, and yet they always seem to survive. This time feels different, though. Numerous companies have filed suit against TNA for unpaid bills. Billy Corgan has even filed suit against the company and many assumed he was going to be the next owner. Things are not going well in other words. Yet Matt Hardy seems to be keeping his spirits up on Twitter:

In the middle of all of TNA’s turmoil is Matt, Broken Brother Nero, wife Reby, Señor Benjamin and of course his majestic son King Maxel. This storyline has gotten so popular that it is now common to hear chants of “Delete! Delete!” or “Obsolete! Delete!” during Monday Night Raw. That is something no other TNA wrestler has ever accomplished. Not AJ Styles, not Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle or even Curry Man.

My ILLUSTRIOUS Platoon is what mortals call #SquadGoals.

A photo posted by #BROKEN Matt Hardy (@matthardybrand) on Aug 29, 2016 at 3:05pm PDT

There are a lot of wrestling fans who see Hardy as their favorite wrestler right now, which should provide the entire broken family with options should TNA finally perish. The unanswered question is where will they end up.

Here are 5 possible options for Matt Hardy and his family should TNA become obsolete.

5. YouTube

There had been a time where TNA had a solid wrestling program, but it fell off years ago. However, this Matt Hardy angle gained so much momentum and made it tempting to check out to see how if the company had regained relevance. While the Hardy stuff was hilarious and fun to watch, the rest of the show felt very much like TNA always has.

Is it possible Matt could keep himself as popular by continuing to post videos on YouTube and matches filmed at his house on YouTube?

YouTubers are making a lot of money these days, and Matt would already have a large built-in audience. The only question is whether the money from YouTube would be enough to cover the costs of filming the scenes. Even if he were to only break-even the exposure would allow his whole family to continue charging high rates on the indy scene.

A Matt Hardy YouTube channel is a very possible outcome if TNA gets deleted.

 4. Matt Hardy on WWE’s Main Roster

Matt Hardy has stated that he is unsure of how things would go if he and his brother were ever to return to WWE programming.

With “Delete!” and “Obsolete!” chants being heard on multiple editions of Raw now, it is a safe assumption that WWE has some interest the Hardy brothers. But the question becomes whether they would have the creative freedom in WWE that they seem to be enjoying in TNA.

Nobody has complete creative freedom in WWE, not while Vince McMahon is still around. It doesn’t matter how many fans love the Matt Hardy angle, if it is not something Vince is behind, it is not something that will be pushed.

Unfortunately, at 72 years of age, Vince McMahon has not been quick to push the envelope or promote outside-of-the-box angles these days. It is unlikely that we would get the same kind of “Final Deletion” type mini-movies and matches in WWE if the Hardys are to end up there.

3. Matt Hardy in Ring of Honor

As much as Ring of Honor has their finger on the pulse of what wrestling fans want, bringing in this version of Matt Hardy might be a little too “out there” for them.

Matt and Jeff have both appeared in Ring of Honor before, and many of the same fans that are buying tickets to see them on the indies are the same fans that love Ring of Honor. But ROH’s straight-laced approach to pro-wrestling is just not something that meshes well with this storyline’s science fiction elements. The broken-storyline is over-the-top, while ROH tries to keep things as realistic as possible.

That being said, this could still happen. While ROH traditionally has avoided unrealistic angles, there is nothing saying they couldn’t change. ROH has always been about producing the kind of wrestling that die-hard fans want to see. If these fans want to see changes, then ROH probably would too.

2. Matt Hardy in Lucha Underground

While the Matt Hardy storyline is unique, there are elements of what he has been doing that can be found in Lucha Underground.

Much like “Final Deletion” and “Delete or Decay”, Lucha Underground focusses on cinematic scenes that culminate in wrestling matches. There is no attempt at basing the program, in reality, rather Lucha Underground exists in the same universe as comic books and sci-fi movies. The reality the characters adhere to is different than the reality the audience lives in.

This is very similar to the universe that Matt, Brother Nero, Reby, Benjamin, and Maxel belong to. They live in a  sci-fi universe where the rules of reality have been bent and distorted.

The problem with Hardy heading to Lucha Underground is that the company films so far ahead of time that Matt wouldn’t be able to debut until season 4. Season 3 of Lucha Underground is still airing and isn’t set to conclude until next summer.

1. Matt Hardy in NXT

Probably the best place that Matt Hardy and his family could end up is in NXT.

NXT could use the boost as well. Viewership has been way down since the Brand Split draft. Developmental lost many of their top stars and the weekly WWE Network show has felt sort of deflated ever since.

The main reason that NXT would work out so much better for the Hardys than WWE’s main roster is because Vince McMahon is not around. No Vince means Hardy could potentially have the same creative control he currently enjoys in TNA, so long as Triple H allows it that is.

Triple H, who has the final say over NXT, seems much more open to the idea of wrestlers having creative freedom with promos and storylines. For all the criticism Triple H receives, he is a “wrestler’s booker” and is far more prone to allowing wrestlers to do what they want than Vince is.

If TNA gets deleted, NXT is the best hope Matt Hardy fans have that his currently storyline doesn’t end up obsolete.

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