5 Biggest and Best Moments in WWE, TNA for October 2016

Over the course of the last month, the WWE, TNA, Lucha Underground and Ring of Honor managed to turn heads. But which one stood head and shoulders as the biggest story of the month?

Over the course of the month of October, several stories have managed to get our attention in the world of wrestling. While many took place in the ring, a number of them took place out of it. However, only a handful stood out and captured the attention of fan on social media over the course of the last four weeks. This month the news focused on the top promotion in the world, WWE, as three out of the five most discussed moments were all tied to them. This month we examine the biggest and most prominent stories to happen in wrestling for the month of October.

A number of these stories created a stir because of their implications, and have continued to build steam. What made the collective internet wrestling community collectively exhale? Which stories made them stand up and take notice? Five stood out above all others, including the additions of a former Ring of Honor talent to the largest promotion in the world. They also include two stories that are tied to Impact Wrestling, with the alleged end of the being discussed once again ahead of their recent pay per views.

Here are the five biggest and best moments in professional wrestling for the month of October.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic NXT

Source: WWE.com

5. The NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

The inaugural Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Tournament culminated with a win by Samoa Joe and Finn Balor at last year’s NXT Takeover event. This year it includes a number of interesting combinations that we didn’t know about beforehand, and has led to a number of rivalries as well. In one instance, a promising tag team of AndradeCien’ Almas and Cedric Alexander seemed to have a great deal of chemistry in their first round match-up.

However, as valiant of an effort they put up during their first round match, at the end we saw them lose, followed by an unexpected heel turn by Almas. He beat down Alexander and left him laying. The combinations in the tournament didn’t just include what we normally see in NXT, it also involved performers that are a part of the main roster, in particular, Raw. Men such as Rich Swann, Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Cedric Alexander and TJ Perkins have all been. One would think that the Authors of Pain may be the odds-on favorite to win the tournament.

Roderick Strong


4. Roderick Strong Joins NXT

On Wednesday, October 19, Strong made his NXT debut. After leaving Ring of Honor, fans had speculated that he would join WWE, but nothing was a certainty. Joining the WWE says a lot about the man long called Mr. ROH. He had done it all while there, and with nothing left to prove Strong moved on. While Strong’s signing was kept under wraps, it says something that he could walk into NXT and receive a hero’s welcome when the jumbotron announced his arrival.

Strong’s arrival came during the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team classic, as the surprise tag team partner of former Ring of Honor ally Austin Aries. The tandem of Aries and Strong were very successful during their time in ROH. Strong’s addition only strengthens a roster that has introduced notable talent from all over the world, and is one that fans will surely welcome.

Hideo Itami


3. Hideo Itami Out Again

When he returned to action this past summer, fans were anticipating a big run, one that should have happened a year ago. And it appeared he was set to begin a feud with Austin Aries. Itami’s shoulder injury last year set him back, and in the process moved others ahead and others out. Once, he was probably considered a favorite to capture the NXT championship, but his injury not only physically hurt him, it hurt his position.

Since his injury, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura all became NXT champion. While championships don’t define the success of a competitor, when you are heralded as a huge addition, to not have him elevated, but instead put out of action is crushing. This newest injury suffered by Itami once again will put him on the shelf, and will see him miss months of action.

TNA Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory


2. Billy Corgan Files Suit against Dixie Carter

Despite all his rage, he’s still just a rat in a cage, or at least Dixie Carter must think so since she has been slapped with a lawsuit by current TNA President and Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan. Corgan has filed suit against Carter and her husband Serg Salinas, and requested a court order to place the suit under seal, which the court granted. In doing so the specifics of the case had been kept confidential.

Corgan also filed a temporary restraining order against Carter which the courts also granted. He had purchased a minority stake in the company this past June to aid in the financing of the company’s pay-per-views. He continued to front money for the company and was named President this past August in the process, replacing Salinas. One questions whether there was a breach of an agreement that would warrant Corgan filing suit, but the reasons were kept confidential and are thus a mystery.

1. Reported Sale of TNA

It had been reported that the sale of TNA was imminent. Such reports have popped up before, and often been simply speculation, but in this particular instance, the sale was believed to involve a rival promotion.

Some speculated that the WWE had purchased the promotion, with all contracts being void as of January 1st, 2017. The reason for the purchase would be so WWE could access the TNA library, and the archives of current WWE talent such as AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Samoa Joe. Some speculated that a sale would lead to Billy Corgan’s rebranding of the promotion. If this sounds all too confusing, it should. It is no wonder that a number of talent have left the company over the last few years.

In many ways, it has appeared to be a revolt by the company’s biggest and best stars. Whether impending doom is the reason for the sale or not, a sale continues to be speculated upon, while being refuted by many executives within the company.

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