4 Predictions for WWE Raw: February 6, 2017

As WrestleMania looms off in the distance, the men and women of Monday Night RAW prepare for another installment of the longest weekly running episodic television in history.

Samoa Joe officially made his debut on Monday Night RAW. He arrived on the scene to assault Seth Rollins when he attempted to come down to the ring and attack Triple H. In the process he caused a legitimate injury to Rollins, an injury which could lead to the Architect missing WrestleMania.

Brock Lesnar issued a challenge to Goldberg for a match at WrestleMania. Seeing as how Lesnar has been embarrassed not once but twice by Goldberg within the past six months, this comes as no surprise.

Sami Zayn defeated United States Champion Chris Jericho in a non-title match. Should his momentum continue, he very well be on his way to earning a championship match.

Nia Jax destroyed Sasha Banks when they battled against one another last week. The assault didn’t end once the match was over though, as Jax locked in a painful submission hold on the Boss until the referee had to break up the hold.

During a Universal Championship match between Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens on RAW last week, Roman Reigns gained a measure of revenge and cost Strowman the title. As history indicates, it’s never a good idea to get on the bad side of the monster.

With all this in mind, there are a lot of developments to keep track of heading into tonight’s episode. Here are our predictions for what will occur on the February 6th edition of Monday Night RAW.


Could Sami Zayn Become United States Champion?

After emerging victorious in a match against Chris Jericho last week, Sami Zayn has positioned himself as a worthy contender for the United States Championship. This is great news for the rising star, as a strong midcard feud with the likes of Jericho would do wonders for his career. Ever since his rivalry with Braun Strowman came to a close, Zayn has been without direction. Given ample time, he and Jericho have the ability to produce an exciting encounter. No one knows when that match will take place, but there’s always the probability it could happen sooner rather than later.

So will Sami Zayn go on to win the United States Championship? Personally I think that his victory is not a matter of if, but when. Since arriving on the main roster Zayn has been on the receiving end of solid fan support, and in return he’s put on consistently great matches. As of this writing he has yet to win a championship since making the transition from NXT, which is starting to hurt his credibility.

There is the argument that a character like Zayn doesn’t need a championship to get over, however superstars who adopt the underdog gimmick usually receive a payoff. While he did achieve a huge win over his rival Kevin Owens last year, that’s the greatest thing Zayn has accomplished on the main roster. What he needs now more than ever is the United States Championship. With his amazing popularity and athleticism he has the potential to elevate both himself and the championship.


Braun Strowman Definitely Isn’t Happy

During last weeks’ episode of Monday Night RAW, the monstrous Braun Strowman received the opportunity of a lifetime. For the first time in his career, Strowman fought Kevin Owens in a match for the Universal Championship. The powerhouse had made his presence felt before the encounter even began, levelling Chris Jericho who had been sitting at commentary. Knowing that Owens’ backup was taken out of the equation, he went on to wrestle in a match which exceeded expectations. It seemed that Strowman was moments away from winning his first singles championship, but things quickly went south for the big man.

Roman Reigns, who had lost his championship match due to Strowman at the Royal Rumble, decided this was his time for revenge. Rushing down to the ring, he focused his attack on Strowman and speared him on the outside, then went back inside the ring and speared Owens for good measure. It was a courageous move by the Big Dog, but if Braun Strowman gets his way, it’ll be the last decision Reigns will have the capacity of making.

If the past is any indicator, both Reigns and Strowman have the capability to inflict massive damage on their opponents. Putting these two in the ring together is a surefire way to produce some aggressive and stiff action. In order to get to the point where a match is necessary though, this feud needs a bit more development. Expect Strowman to go on a rampage tonight, and he’ll be looking for an opportunity to take Reigns down.

Here’s hoping for a decisive win by Strowman (but we all know Reigns is the odds on favorite).

RAW Preview 2/6


What’s in Store for Seth Rollins?

Following the savage beat down that the debuting Samoa Joe dealt on Seth Rollins, the Architect has unfortunately suffered a very real injury. Damaging his surgically repaired knee which had caused him to miss out on last years’ WrestleMania, his spot in the Show of Shows this year is currently up in the air. This is a shame, as he seemed to be on a collision course for his long awaited match against Triple H. The developing feud with the Game was the most direction Rollins has had since his return, and now this injury seems to have put a damper on things.

So the big question on everyone’s mind is, how will Rollin’s injury effect his future, both short and long-term? Well the good thing here is that the injury isn’t believed to be as severe as the injuries which put Rollins on the shelf back in 2015. Assuming that his recovery time is significantly less than before, the worst that comes out of this is him missing his second consecutive WrestleMania. It would be a shame considering what an asset he is to the company, but missing the event is acceptable if it means he returns healthier than ever. With Rollins set to make an announcement regarding the injury tonight, answers are just around the corner.

Raw Goldberg


Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar III

Last week, an irate Brock Lesnar appeared on RAW to address his shocking elimination at the hands of Goldberg at the Royal Rumble. With his advocate Paul Heyman displaying his usual excellence on the microphone, the point was made that Goldberg has had Lesnar’s number. It was evident all the way back at WrestleMania XX, and then the belief was solidified at Survivor Series. What happened at the Rumble has also added to the indestructible aura Goldberg has maintained since his return this past November. That, and it has allowed the Beast to face an uphill battle, a situation he rarely finds himself in.

So by the end of his promo, Heyman had established that his client wants one more match against the man he’s never beaten. Setting the stage for an epic encounter at WrestleMania, they challenged Goldberg, and now he’s set to arrive on RAW tonight to respond.

As if there was ever any doubt, Goldberg will be accepting the challenge. Not only will it allow him to compete at his second WrestleMania, it could signify the end of what has been a historic career for the veteran. The former two-time world champion has travelled all over the world and defeated a plethora of talent, and he’s been part of some of the greatest moments in wrestling history. There’s no better way for Goldberg to make his exit than to put over the most dominant force in WWE today, and it’s a loss that wouldn’t hurt him in the slightest.

So what do you guys think is going to happen on tonight’s RAW? Let us know in the comments below.

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