4 Predictions for WWE Raw: December 11, 2016


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What could we see on the final Raw before WWE Roadblock: End of the Line?

WWE’s final pay-per-view of the year, Roadblock: End of the Line, is a mere six days away, but as of right now there are only three matches on the card. Those are Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship, Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens, and Sasha Banks vs Charlotte in a 30-minute Iron Man match for the Women’s Championship. Considering Roadblock will be a three-hour show, more matches need to be made, and we can expect that to happen on tonight’s Raw.

But what kind of matches could we see be made? Perhaps something will come of Enzo Amore’s attempts at hitting on Lana. He’s already been destroyed by Rusev in consecutive weeks, so maybe they’ll meet one more time on Sunday. And how about Sami Zayn? Could we see him put into another match with Braun Strowman? After his war of words with Mick Foley two weeks ago, Zayn may continue to argue with Foley until he gets what he wants, even if things haven’t exactly gone his way in his prior meetings with Strowman.

All this and more could occur on tonight’s Raw, so let’s get into our four predictions for the week.



Emma Returns to Her Old Gimmick

Emma is slated to finally make her return after being on the shelf for months with a back injury. Upon returning she is supposedly undergoing a “makeover” where she will now be known as Emmalina, which seems to mean her gimmick is going to be that she is… attractive? Yeah, that seems to basically be it.

This goes against pretty much everything the WWE Women’s division has become. In the past, the women were put on television almost exclusively because of their looks. But now they’re showcased for their wrestling ability, so it doesn’t make much sense for a character to be introduced that is mostly just concerned with their own appearance. That’s why this “transformation” to Emmalina may just be a big swerve.

Before she went down, Emma was one of the baddest women on the roster. She had a nasty attitude and would take on anyone who crossed her. Turning into a glorified model would be a huge 180, one that wouldn’t make a lot of sense. The Emmalina transformation could just be a clever trick to make someone think she’s gone soft, only for her to turn back into the Emma we all know and snap on them. It’s no guarantee that “Emmalina” is in the picture beyond tonight’s Raw.

New Day


The New Day Retains

After last week’s shenanigans, the New Day find themselves in a triple threat tag team match for their tag team championships tonight on Raw. They will face the team of Sheamus and Cesaro as well as Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. But with them closing in on Demolition’s record reign of 478 days as tag champs, is there any chance they actually lose? Well no, not really.

While breaking Demolition’s reign was probably not WWE’s intent when they put the belts on the New Day last year, the trio has come too far not to break it now. All they have to do is retain tonight and they will break the record later in the week. It would be a big missed opportunity if they were to drop the belts, simply because it’s taken so much time to get to this point and breaking the record would create a ton of buzz. New Day deserves to be in the record books, and they will be in just a few days.

The question then becomes who will they face at Roadblock? Roadblock could be a prime spot for them to finally lose the titles since the record will be broken by then. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure and that is that the New Day will walk out tonight still WWE tag team champions.

Lana Enzo Amore


Enzo Challenges Rusev

In one of the stranger mid-card feuds in recent memory, Enzo Amore has continued to hit on Rusev’s wife, Lana, over the past few weeks. Last week saw him meet Lana for what he thought was a romantic night in a hotel room, only for Lana to call for Rusev who left Enzo battered on the floor. But as we all know, Enzo has a gigantic mouth, so this feud is far from over.

That’s why there’s a good chance Enzo lays down the gauntlet tonight and challenges Rusev to a match at Roadblock. It’s a good addition to the card and could be a quick way to pay off a feud that probably didn’t need to exist to begin with, but has supplied us with some god comedy nonetheless. It also allows Rusev to (probably) get a valuable win, as he is coming off a PPV loss to Roman Reigns at Hell in a Cell.

And who knows, maybe the match could include some stipulation involving Lana. With all the backstage segments lately, it’s clear they’re taking some notes from the Attitude Era. Could we see another callback to those days and have a date with Lana be on the line here? You never know. But either way, expect Rusev vs Enzo to be official by tonight.



Sasha Banks Stands Tall

It seems that the end to the Sasha Banks-Charlotte feud may finally be in sight. And that’s not a knock on what we’ve seen thus far either. These two women have put on classic after classic, and although the Women’s title has changed hands more than some might have liked, they’ve done nothing but good things for the Women’s division as a whole. And we could be headed toward the final chapter of their groundbreaking feud at Roadblock.

But before we get there, these two figure to face off one last time. Last week Charlotte had a segment where she looked to be apologizing to her father for essentially disowning him a few months ago. Instead, she insulted him and would finish the segment by destroying Sasha and leaving her motionless in the ring. So what does that mean for tonight? It means it’s time for Sasha to get some retribution.

Hopefully, it’s not another cliche contract signing, but somehow these two will come face to face tonight. And with Charlotte gaining the upper hand last week, you can guarantee the Women’s champion will look to stand tall heading into Roadblock. A beatdown to gain momentum could be just what Sasha needs as she looks to successfully defend her title at a PPV for the first time ever.

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