3 Reasons The Undertaker Should Not Retire in 2017


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The inevitable question has been on fans’ minds for at least five years is definitely on the rise again; Is this the last year for The Undertaker before he retires?

While over those years Undertaker has taken on a less active role in the company, fans wonder when will he decide to call it a career?  Taker has had his fair share of matches in his twenty-six plus year career, and deserves the role that he has now.  He has been loyal to the company through its ups and downs.  It’s only right that when and if he does decide to retire the company will give him the proper sendoff that is fitting for a legend such as him.

Since his appearance on the 900th episode of Smackdown, his words to the Survivor Series team left little to the imagination.  Fans and analysts alike have been speculating and wondering just what exactly does the Dead Man mean when he said ‘WrestleMania would no longer define him’?  One would guess that he may be taking on a more active role on Smackdown come the first of this year perhaps.  However, just as he appeared, Taker has disappeared for the time being.

The bigger question here is that does Taker have enough in him to give it a go one more time?  While he is the only one to know for sure, perhaps if this is his final year he may give it all he’s got.  There are bigger possibilities when it comes to The Undertaker despite the fact that he’s done all he could during his career in WWE.  The good news is that it isn’t many which fits his situation just fine.  Overall the decision is entirely up to him, and all fans would have to respect that at the end of the day.

With some possibilities for the Dead Man, it can’t hurt to explore those options regardless of their tangibility.  We all hold on to some hope that there is one more match left in a wrestler, or that by sheer luck something happens to where a match between two wrestlers will happen after much doubt.  Taker is no exception to this.

Whether or not those possibilities or rumors come to fruition remains to be seen, however, if Taker is able, then maybe 2017 isn’t his final year with the company after all.  Let’s all hope so, right?

Courtesy of WWE.com

Courtesy of WWE.com

3. That Smackdown Promo Reasoning

As noted, when Taker made his appearance on the 900th episode of Smackdown he alluded that WrestleMania would no longer define him.  He would also go on to say that if Smackdown were to have lost at Survivor Series, that they would have to deal with him.  Luckily the blue team won their match, thus one of the reasons that perhaps Taker has not come back since then.

With that being said, he is advertised to appear on Raw this coming Monday night.  His role there isn’t clear just yet, but with the Royal Rumble coming up and a possible WrestleMania announcement this may set the course for Taker for 2017.

In my Potential Royal Rumble Winners blog, I listed Taker as one of the possible winners coming out of the Alamodome on January 29th.  I just don’t see anyone else from Smackdown winning unless it is him.  With John Cena wrestling AJ Styles the same night, we could very well see the rumored match between Cena and Taker for WrestleMania 33.  Will it be his last match like the rumor says?  We won’t know until it actually happens.

Courtesy of WWE.com

Courtesy of WWE.com

2. Could We See The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles?

With AJ Styles being a part of WWE for a year now, it gives the company opportunities to create so many dream match scenarios with some of the best WWE talent that the company has to offer.  So when there were rumors of Taker possibly going to wrestle against Styles, the company could strike that while the iron is hot if you will.  It is no doubt that Styles is in his prime right now, and with Taker’s situation of a part-time role, this match has money all over it.

Fans know that Taker gives it his all in the ring regardless if he wrestles once a year or not.  His importance to the company is well understood and best believe he takes that with him into the squared circle.  With the Survivor Series warning, fans speculated that perhaps this was how the feud with Styles would come in.  It didn’t happen, so it leads fans back to square one.

Perhaps Styles retains his WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble and Taker wins the Rumble.  There you have it.  But with the Royal Rumble comes all kinds of possibilities.  If Taker didn’t participate in the Rumble, it could still produce a Raw winner and someone from Smackdown will still have to challenge the WWE Champion in Orlando.  Cena talks about that he can get a Championship opportunity because he’s John Cena.  The same goes for The Undertaker.  It’s his yard, so perhaps Cena can recognize that?  No shade, I promise.



1. The Undertaker vs. Sting is the Dream Match That Needs to Happen

Yes, I know, Sting is retired.  However, fans still hold on to the hope he can put out one more match, and it should be with no one other than the Dead Man.  In a dream match of the century, this is a huge missed opportunity if it never happens.  Perhaps fate snuck its ugly head in for this one, but despite his unfortunate injury Sting has been quoted as saying that he still wants to wrestle The Undertaker.

It should happen at WrestleMania.  The dream match deserves that stage, and it shouldn’t take place anywhere else.  Could it be the final match for both men if it were to happen?  I would think so.  Both stellar careers end on a sweet note.  Even though both men are past their prime, I still think they would be able to put on a great match.  Whether it will happen or not is highly unlikely, but never say never, my friends.  Anything can happen in the WWE.

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