3 Reasons Chris Jericho Should Defeat Sami Zayn at WWE Clash of Champions

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A look at why Chris Jericho needs to be victorious over Sami Zayn at WWE Clash of Champions.

Sami Zayn battles his idol, Chris Jericho this Sunday at WWE Clash of Champions. It will be the first time these two will be locking horns and fans have plenty of reasons to be invested in this match. Even though there aren’t any titles on the line, this match has created some buzz. WWE was wise to have come with this idea.

The match was set up on the September 12 edition of Raw following the events of Highlight reel that featured Zayn. While Jericho’s intentions were to mock Zayn, the latter’s response surprised him and the WWE universe. Zayn went on to say that it was Jericho that inspired both himself and K.O to follow their dream. This opened up a plethora of ideas that can be followed up.

Jericho ended the segment abruptly by beating Zayn with his cell phone. This set the stage for the eventual match at Clash of Champions. While the general idea is that Zayn should go cleanly over Jericho, let’s try to analyse why that should not be the case come Sunday. Sami needs to take one more loss before stepping into the limelight of the main events scene.

Here are three reasons why Jericho should win at Clash of Champions.

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3. This Feud Has Untapped Potential

Sami Zayn needs a quality feud apart from Kevin Owens that can push him to the top. A feud with Jericho might be the right choice for that. This match at Clash of Champions is certainly interesting but still has so much untapped story. Zayn referring to Jericho as his idol was a nice touch. WWE needs to explore this angle of the storyline more.

If Zayn wins this match, then there is no need to carry on this feud. Zayn has to move on to someone else. The mid-card title scene consists of Reigns-Rusev feud at the moment. That means, there is only one place to go for Zayn – the Universal title, which can’t happen yet. Zayn needs to gain a fair amount of momentum before challenging KO. Moreover, the fans need to see Zayn battling someone other than KO for a while.

For Jericho winning at Clash, creative can  play up the angle of a ‘Fan vs Idol’ feud while parallelly playing up Zayn’s character and heart. The Likeable One can win the second match and finally a third and final match can be set. Having Zayn go cleanly over Jericho in such a fashion will give him two clean wins over KO’s best friend. Moreover, this gives the WWE enough time to build a Rollins-Triple H feud as well. This will also ensure that Zayn has a clear path towards KO and his title.



2. Jericho Needs a PPV Win

Over the last few years, Y2J has done a tremendous job of putting talent over in PPVs. It started with Fandango in Wrestlemania 29. Even in non-PPV matches, Jericho acted as a stepping stone for the future stars of the company. The most recent example was Finn Balor. The former undisputed WWE champion has done more than his fair share for the company. He needs a PPV win now to remain as a threat.

It can be argued that win-loss record has no effect on Jericho’s credibility. He is a fine athlete and a star performer who can shake off any damages from a loss. Being easily beatable in PPVs, though, will take away from the credibility of his opponent’s win. This is the main reason why Jericho needs to go over a formidable threat in the beginning stages of this feud.

Zayn needs a win much more than Jericho as he is a future star in the making. A victory over Jericho at this point will effectively go as a meaningless one, however. To make it worse, Zayn might get lost in the shuffle again. A couple of wins over Jericho in a feud built up with ample emotional background will, however, be different. It will clear the path for Sami Zayn and he can finally grab the brass ring.

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1. Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell will hit the WWE universe on October 30. This is the perfect setting for the final match of this feud. The violent history of this PPV and the nature of the match will make Zayn’s eventual victory seem monumental. If Jericho wins the first match at Clash of Champions, creative can easily build this feud up until Hell in a Cell.

It will be even better if the match at Clash of Champions is booked such that Kevin Owens costing the win for Zayn. This also adds up to the fact that Owens and Jericho are best friends. Creative can then have Zayn win the second one after a massive struggle despite Owens’ interference. From there, it is fairly easy to push a third match. Perhaps Zayn can challenge Jericho to face him inside the cell. Zayn can taunt Y2J to beat him for once without the help of his best friend.

For the longevity of this feud and for the long-term betterment of Sami Zayn, Jericho needs to win at Clash Of Champions. While it will derail Zayn largely and take away any momentum he has at the moment, the conclusion of this feud will repair any damage. Even better, Zayn will come out of this feud and the third match a real threat to Kevin Owens and his title. After defeating his idol once and for all, Zayn can prove to the world that he has outclassed and outgrown the competition.

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