The 20 greatest theme songs in WWE history

This theme got even better – or worse, depending on your point of view – when Edge launched the "you suck" chant, which coordinated perfectly with song.

Cult of Personality was great, but CM Punk’s entrance (and exit) at Money In The Bank in 2011 – two of the most memorable moments in the last decade of WWE wrestling – would not have been the same without Killswitch Engage’s The Fire Burns blasting in Allstate Arena. 

Goldust is an underrated wrestler with an underrated theme. The Bizarre One has been entering the ring to variations of this theme for more than two decades. 

Goldberg made this theme famous in WCW, where he went on a 173-match win streak, and the music (along with his lengthy entrance, during which he usually punched down a door and was escorted to the ring by police) suited his intimidating character perfectly. He briefly used the same theme in WWE before it was remixed (and made considerably worse). 

More specifically, the opening fanfare of Also sprach Zarathustra by German composer Richard Strauss, which was first performed in 1896. The Nature Boy has used a few other themes in his wrestling career outside of WWE and WCW, but it remains one of the most recognizable and iconic themes in wrestling history.

Fun Fact: Wrestling legend Gorgeous George was the first to use the traditional graduation song as his theme music, a decade before Savage was born.  Late in the Macho Man’s WCW career, he began appearing with a valet named Gorgeous George. 

Jericho’s entrance isn’t quite as cool now that he comes to the ring in a light-up jacket, but his theme is still one of the best around. 

As far as instrumental, old-school WWE themes go, there are few as good as Mr. Perfect’s. 

The Rock’s first few themes were slow and arguably a bit too quiet, but WWE nailed it with "Electrifying." 

Ditching Tonight Is The Night for Thorn In Your Eye would boost Raw ratings by at least 10% in 2016.  

Hulk Hogan wasn’t the first wrestler to come to the ring with an entrance theme, but the reactions crowds had when Eye of the Tiger (an earlier theme Hogan used) or Real American hit the speakers made them mandatory. 

The lyrics alone:

Triple H’s friendship with late Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister helped produce a number of incredible themes (including Evolution’s "Line In The Sand"), and unforgettable live entrances with the band playing Triple H’s theme.

Separating Triple H’s two best themes is almost impossible, so they tie for 8th. 

Edge used a Rob Zombie song as his theme for years before changing it when he returned from neck surgery in 2004. He explained in an interview years ago that he didn’t plan the switch, but the copyright on the song expired. He then met Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti, eventually started using a far, far better theme.  

Both Vince McMahon and his son Shane have fantastic theme songs that have stood the test of time, but Stephanie’s various themes have never come close to matching the rest of the family.

When you see John Cena, you think trumpets.   

An argument can be made that X-Pac’s "Make Some Noise" is an even better DX theme given how quickly it starts, but "Are You Ready" is the perfect representation of the Attitude Era in musical form.  

Here’s what WWE composer Jim Johnston, who is responsible for most of the entries on this list, had to say about creating the iconic sound of breaking glass. 

Via WWE:

There’s no other choice. The Undertaker’s theme has seen more than a dozen variations over the years – and he even left his classic gimmick during his biker years – but no wrestler in the world can make an entrance quite like The Undertaker.