2nd Gambian athlete dies trying to cross Mediterranean

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) A second Gambian athlete in the space of a few weeks has died trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to get to Europe.

A spokesman for Gambia's wrestling federation says they've been informed that wrestler Ali Mbengu died trying to get to Europe on a boat of migrants. Federation spokesman Matarr Saine says they were told of Mbengu's death by his manager.

Fatim Jawara, a goalkeeper with the Gambia women's soccer team, died last month trying to reach Europe from Libya. Authorities say both athletes are believed to have drowned.

Saine said Mbengu was one of Gambia's best-known and highest paid wrestlers, and couldn't explain ''why he should embark on this perilous journey.''

Wrestling is popular in the West African nation.