VP Biden attends women’s championship game

Vice President Joe Biden will see if his boss picked a


Biden attended the women’s basketball championship game between

Connecticut and Stanford on Tuesday night. He sat two rows from the

Alamodome floor at center court with his two young


“I tell my daughter and my granddaughters they can do anything

a boy can do,” Biden said during an interview with ESPN.

“I have two basketball players here. I’m looking for


President Barack Obama incorrectly picked Kansas to win the

men’s tournament, but got this matchup exactly right. Obama picked

the Huskies to beat the Cardinal when filling out his women’s

bracket last month.

It wasn’t clear if Biden, a Delaware graduate, had a rooting

interest, but he was impressed with Stanford’s early play against

the unbeaten Huskies.

“Stanford came to win,” he said.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was also at the

game. The former Stanford provost was cheering on the underdog