Tweet from Griner at half: ‘Need two more dunks’

Brittney Griner had enough time at intermission of her final

home game for Baylor to do a bit of tweeting.

Griner became the first woman with three dunks in a game in

Baylor’s 85-47 victory over Florida State in the NCAA tournament

Tuesday night. She had one before halftime, when the 6-foot-8 star

apparently tweeted that she wanted two more in her last home game

for the Lady Bears.

”Need two more dunks on home court for the best crowd ever!

(hash)BaylorNation” read a tweet posted from Griner’s account,

(at)Brittney4Griner. The timeline would match when Baylor was at

halftime, leading the Seminoles 51-20.

Griner then had two more dunks in a 79-second span after the

break. The last was a reverse one-handed slam after grabbing a

rebound between three Seminoles not long before she came out of the

game for good.

When the WNBA draft is held next month, Griner is expected to be

the top overall pick. Phoenix has the first selection. Rules in

that pro league would prohibit Griner from tweeting during a


In another post Wednesday morning, Griner wrote she was ”In

class like a zombie!!! Talk about sleepy!!!!” She even included a

picture to prove it, appearing droopy-eyed and propping her head up

on her right arm.

The defending national champion Lady Bears are in the NCAA round

of 16 for the fourth year in a row. They play Louisville on Sunday

night in Oklahoma City. Griner has 18 career dunks, three more than

the combined total of the other six women who have dunked in a

college game.