WATCH: 2018 Brewers keeping Bob Uecker young

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Bob Uecker and Brewers owner Mark Attanasio celebrate in the clubhouse following Milwaukee's 6-0 win over the Colorado Rockies to close out the NLDS.

- Bob, you've seen more Brewers baseball than anyone. What makes this team special?

- Well they're all-- there all we's. There's no I's in here. They're all we's. And Sophie, you've been around all year and you see what they do. And I mean, to be treated-- to be treated like one of them all the time, I think that's special for me too.

You know, they want me to go out there and take infield every day. I mean, that's the thing that's so good for me. And to have this guy here as your boss and to be able to work for somebody that has become more of a friend than anything else, that, to me, is big.

But to be around these guys every-- they make you young! They keep you young! I mean, my shoe sizes are changing every day. I don't know what's going-- I don't know what's going on. But it's great. It's great.

- Mark, I'll ask you the same question. 2008, 2011, and now 2018. You're heading back to the NLCS. How proud are you of this team? And what makes this team special for you?

- So I'm going to take the same theme as you. It's the most cohesive group of guys we've had. Not saying we haven't had good club houses before. We've had great clubhouses.

But all these guys pull for each other. Whatever role there is to play, they play it and they relish it. And you know, we've never had a group like this. And it's really a fun group.

- This question for both of you as well. You guys have watched Craig Counsell manage this team all year long. How did he continue to push the right buttons to push this team in this situation?

- Well you know, I think the one thing for Craig, he's been there. He's been there. He's been there a couple times. To postseason and to a world's championship.

And for somebody like Craig, who knows what it's like to be there-- to get there, first of all-- and then to be there, that's the extra special thing about him. And I guarantee you if you ask any one of these guys here, they'll tell you the very same thing. There are tough decisions that he's had to make all year long with people going down and coming back up.

But when he tells you something that he thinks is the right way to do it-- and that includes him-- he does it. And I think that's the one thing I remember about Craig about four or five years ago. When I talked with Mark, and I told Mark, if there's one thing we've got to do with Craig Counsell, we've got to get him down here and manage. Get him out of the front office. He belongs down here. And he did that. And I mean, he's proven that, not only this year, but prior to this year too.

- Mark, [INAUDIBLE].

- Well I'll give you an example about Craig. I'm worried about it's cold, there may be some snow showers tomorrow. He said, eh, I was at a World Series in Cleveland. There was a blinding snowstorm during batting practice. This guy has seen everything.

He scored the winning run in two World Series, and he's got these guys mentally prepared every game the right way. And I can't say enough about his leadership. And, by the way, his commitment to the city.

- And for both of you, the NLCS will be played and hosted at Miller Park. How amazing is that going to be knowing that the Brewers will have home field advantage there in front of terrific base?

- Well you know, you saw a great crowd here in Colorado today. But there's nothing like home, not for me. I know that. And they're waiting for us and we're coming.

- Yeah, I mean, look, this is where we played all season for to get to this point. Now it's all right in front of us.