WATCH: Brewers react after sweeping NLDS, look ahead to NLCS

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Check all of our postgame interviews following the Milwaukee Brewers' win in the NLDS.

[CHEERING] - Let's go!

- Oh, we here, baby. We ain't going nowhere.

- Mous, congratulations. You guys are headed to the NLCS. Let's start with the pitching staff and the job that they did to limit this Rockies offense to just two runs overall in this three game series.

- Yeah. They've been unbelievable, all series for us, all season for us. And you know, they're our backbone. And we couldn't have done this without them. What a fantastic job they did. It was unbelievable.

- And we spoke about this, that you guys were going to rely on your depth. You know, you came up in game one, in extra innings. But then the spark that you got from Erik Kratz, Orlando Arcia, Keon adding the home run-- just how it took so many different guys to get this done.

- Unbelievable. I mean, each and everybody in here has contributed up to this point. And it's just been a fun team to be a part of. You know, like you said, Keon did a great job. [INAUDIBLE] with a huge home run there. And Erik Kratz-- I mean, what a great story, and what a great guy he is to be able to come out here and contribute the way he has, and play the way he has. He's been our backbone for most of this year, and it's awesome to watch it.

- And you've won a World Series with Kansas City. You know what it takes. You know what a special team can do. What gives you the confidence that this team is on that kind of run as well?

- You know, we just play the game every night. We play it hard, we play it right. And you know, we come to work every day and we have fun. And that's important. And you know, I was saying earlier today that when somebody doesn't get the job done, the next guy behind him gets it done. So that gives you a lot of confidence, and takes a lot of pressure off you.

- Well, how does that LCS sound?

- It sounds awesome. This is unbelievable. I mean, we're going to go out and enjoy this, obviously. And then we're going to come back to work, ready to go. But this is a huge accomplishment for us. And it's going to be a lot of fun, definitely.

- All right.

Well, Christian, from the time you joined this team in January, you spoke about the opportunity to play for a contending team, and here you guys are, headed to the NLCS. How crazy has this run been for you guys?

- It's been crazy. You know, it really has been. I think you really appreciate these moments, because you realize they don't happen all the time. And it's been an unbelievable team, an unbelievable ride. And we've got to enjoy this, celebrate-- but like we've been saying, there's more to come.

- You've certainly carried this team all season long. But how fun is it when you see your teammates step up like they did, whether it's the pitching staff, Erik Kratz, Orlando Arcia, Keon-- just, when you get contributions from your teammates?

- That's what it's going to take for us to be successful, and get to where we want to be. You know, we've got some good teams that we're going to play going forward. And this was a good team that we played here. It's a really tough place to win. And the guys stepped up. They really did. The pitchers came in and did an unbelievable job today. And we were just able to add on throughout the game.

And we got a hit early that helped take the crowd out of it a little bit, because they were ready to go, and it was a really loud, hostile atmosphere at the beginning of the game, but we were able to get ahead and just keep adding on throughout the game.

- I know that you guys have always believed in the pitching staff, and especially the bullpen. But what do you think this group has proved to, maybe, the outside world, and all of baseball, in terms of how they can compete with anybody?

- It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks, honestly. We go out. We do our job. And we control what we can control. We compete harder. You know, as hard as we can, every single night. We really do.

And it goes a long way. And that's all that we really care about is, you know, the effort that we give on a nightly basis. And you can live with that, win or lose. And we've got a lot of really good competitors on this team. I know I've talked to you about that throughout the year. And it really rings true. And it's like I said-- really proud of these guys.

- How excited are you to have an opportunity to play in the World Series?

- Yeah. We got an opportunity to play in the World Series. You know, how about that? That's unbelievable. And we've got to go out there, take advantage of it. Obviously, enjoy this for the next few days, but, locking in when it comes time to it. And you know, we're excited to head back to Milwaukee.

- Congratulations.

- Yeah. Thank you.

- Wade, your first start in the postseason-- just take me through your approach today and how good it felt to turn in that kind of outing.

- I was just trying to go out there and gives us a chance. We scored a run in the first inning, so I just wanted to have a shutdown inning. I was expecting more adrenaline. And it wasn't there, but it worked out fine. I was able to slow the game down, and just make pitches, defense made plays. Kratz, outstanding again, putting the right fingers down. It's just an all-around team win. Bullpen came in and absolutely shut them down.

- Wade, considering how your season started, you know-- you had the injury at spring training. You came back, you had the oblique injury. How surreal has it been, what you've accomplished this season, considering you missed so much time, and now here you are, pitching in the postseason?

- I think, when you put a group of guys together like this, I mean, it takes your mind off all the other stuff. So I mean, what I got here in Cincinnati, when I finally got back from being injured, just the way these guys went about their business-- it helps you out a lot. It took a lot of pressure off of me. So I was just able to go out there and enjoy it, and just try to make pitches.

- I know you always give a lot of credit to Erik Kratz for what he does behind the plate. But what kind of spark did he give you guys offensively, with what he did the last two days? Five hits for him.

- It was huge. Every time he came up, we felt like some good was going to happen. I know when we first signed him earlier in the year, it sticks out. He started the year off like, eight for 14, hitting homers all over the place. He's kind of back in that groove right now, and I hope he stays there.

- Wade, this team was maybe criticized for, maybe, the pitching wasn't good enough. Well, how much have you guys proved that this pitching staff can compete with anybody, the way you guys have performed in September, and here in the NLDS?

- I think it's a challenge. You know, challenges early in the year-- spring training, and everybody wanted more pitching, more pitching. And I think what we did was, we just went out and gave us quality innings. You know, just here and nothing super special. We just went out and gave us a chance to win to everybody. The whole staff and the bullpen, obviously, what they've done all year, it's been huge for us.

- How fun is it to play on a team like this when you guys are rolling like you are right now?

- It's the best. This is what you dream about when you're a little kid. I was just saying it. And then for it to be happening, and living it, it's unexplainable.

- How do you explain the feeling of knowing you'll have an opportunity to play in the World Series as one of the final two teams in the NLCS?

- Oh, man. We're looking forward to it. I know we've got a tough team. Whoever wins this next series, Atlanta or LA, it's going to be a tough match up for seven games. And hopefully we can get on top of them.

- JJ, man. Three down, two to go, man. Two more celebrations. How does it feel?

- It feels great, man. Gracious, this is exactly what we've been wanting, exactly what we've been playing, praying for. And to get it in this fashion, man, it's great.

- Two runs you guys-- the entire pitching staff gives up, in a three game series against the Colorado Rockies, one of the best hitting teams in all of baseball. How do you guys pull that off?

- It says a lot about our bullpen, a lot about our starting staff, that we're going to go right at guys. It doesn't matter which team, who. You know, it's just, we're going to prepare ourselves. And when we get out there, we're just going to give it all we got.

- We love watching that eye of the tiger you give. I mean, you're intense. You're like, into it, every single pitch.

- Yeah.

- And it's paid off all season long.

- Yes, that's the passion, man. It's not to intimidate, trying to make somebody all scared. It's just the passion that I have, that I'm going to come right at you with everything I got, and I'm having so much fun.

- It's amazing. You take the ball every time. I mean, it's like you can go two, three days in a row, and still have that same stuff. How do you do that?

- I've learned from the best, man. The guys previous I've played with, that's come through here-- Trevor Hoffman, KRod-- you know, those guys just always have told me, whenever your name is called, no matter when, you just give no limits. There's no limits of what you can do. You grab that ball and you go out there and you play your heart out, man. It's great.

- Yeah. These young guys, out in that bullpen, you know, Burns and Woodruff-- talk about the success that they've had. And I would imagine veteran guys like you have a lot to do with that.

- Most definitely. I mean, those guys-- each and every day they come out, down in that bullpen, they're quiet. They're listening. They're paying attention to details. And it shows, man. They go out there and they know exactly what they want to do, where they want to throw the ball. And it's paying off, man. Those guys have got great heart, great minds, great pitching ability, and like I said, it shows, man.

- You have four days coming off. You going to enjoy it?

- I'm going to definitely enjoy it. I'm going to see family. Everybody's going to enjoy it, coming back home Milwaukee, baby.

- Be ready to go on Friday.

- Oh, I'm ready, baby. Always on, yes sir.

- Good job, man. Good job.

- Thank you so much.

- Erik, congratulations, man. I know you've been around a long time, and you've been through celebrations. How does this run you guys have been on rank up there?

- I mean, a run like this is pretty special. It's pretty special, what the pitching staff is doing. It's pretty special, what kind of at bats we're putting together as a team. And it's not something that's lost on any of us. You know, it's something that is so fun to see-- the fans, in Colorado, covering the whole bottom section when the game's over, and it's all Milwaukee fans. Seeing that energizes us. It really does.

- This pitching staff-- two runs allowed in a three game series against Colorado. They scored in one inning. You and Manny-- the preparation you guys do helped this pitching staff. Talk about this pitching staff and what it's meant in September.

- It's meant everything. And it's kind of gone unsung. I think they get their credit. You know, people will be like, oh, cool, you know, Hader struck a lot of people out, and Corey Knebel came back from the minor leagues. I don't think they get enough credit. I really don't.

I think their ability to understand the situation, but also stay within themselves, is incredible to see. And it all started with Manny pushing these guys through 10 innings, besides one hiccup. He pushed, I think, six relievers that game, through 10 innings. That guy-- that's my hermano, man. That guy is freaking-- I love. Whoo.

- You love the beer down your back? Yeah.

- That's cold. That's cold. I love working with that guy. I love pulling for that guy. I love that man. He's the best.

- You guys work good together. Talk about swinging the bat. Five hits in the NLDS. Swinging the bat-- I mean, this has got to be a whirlwind for you. Started in the minor leagues this year, and the success that you've had offensively has been gratifying.

- It is gratifying. I think it's something that you prepare for. You always think you're a good hitter. And it doesn't always happen. You go through slumps. You go through nagging things. You know what? Today I got a couple of hits.

My job is to work with the 12, 13, 14, whatever the roster is, other guys. And that's where the value is. That's where my value is. I mean, I had three hits, and they still walked Mous to get to me.

- That's right.

- So let's temper that a little bit.

- You've got four days off. Are you going to enjoy them? You guys get back at it on Friday. Congratulations, once again.

- Thank you, Rock. I appreciate it. Coming from you, it means a lot.

- Good job, man.

- All right, Travis. Well, Craig just addressed the team, and he said, really, this process started in St. Louis for you guys. But think about what you guys have done. You swept the Cardinals at Busch Stadium. Then you go, you win the division at Wrigley Field, and you come here today and you shut out the Rockies at Coors Field. What kind of special run is this team on right now?

- It's amazing. I mean, if you would've told us two weeks ago, I don't know if anybody would have believed we'd roll off 11 straight. But here we are. Here we are. We're in the NLCS.

Pitching staff-- I mean, you've got to credit the pitching staff for this whole thing. They've been unbelievable. Even the starters. Starters didn't give up a run the whole series. So we're going to enjoy this for the next couple of days, and we'll be ready to go on Friday.

- What kind of spark was Erik Kratz for you guys, just what he gave you guys offensively the last two games?

- Yeah. What a story. 37 years old, first time being in the postseason. It's pretty incredible. And you can tell how much fun he's having, and it's just as much fun watching him.

- How much fun is it, playing with this team right now? You guys have won 11 straight and you've put together just one of the best months of September that a team could ask for.

- Yeah, this team is unbelievable. It's been that way since day one. We have so much fun. You see it in here every single time we do this. It's incredible. And it's one of the most special teams I've been a part of.

- David, well, congratulations. This is probably the best week of your life, I imagine. You win the division at Wrigley Field. You have the birth of your beautiful daughter, Nora, and now your team is headed to the NLCS. How do you put into words what this ride has been like?

- Yeah, this is fairly indescribable. It's been unbelievable. It's a roller coaster of really positive emotions, and I'm doing my best to soak it in. There's a lot at once. A lot of really good at once. But it's exciting. And I'm trying to enjoy every single moment of it.

- Well, you're literally soaking it in-- beer, champagne, all of the celebrating. But David, what this team has done-- you know, you sweep the Cardinals at Busch Stadium to clinch. Then you go to Wrigley and you win the division, and now your team comes here and shuts out the Rockies at Coors Field. What kind of special run is this team on to accomplish these steps along the way?

- What this group is accomplishing right now-- it continues to, I think, impress us. We keep getting better. The moments keep getting a little bit more special. As you said, we went into a really tough environment to pitch in today, and we shut out a really good team. So you just keep stacking these special moments on top of each other. I think we feel like we've got a couple more special moments to go. That's certainly the goal, for what we have going forward. And we're going enjoy this right now. We'll get on a plane back to Milwaukee tomorrow, and then we'll start planning again.

- How much credit would you like to give to your pitching coach, Derek Johnson, Lee Tunnell, the work that they did with this pitching staff, and how they have executed here in this series?

- It's been a group that's been questioned an awful lot this year, by a lot of different people. It's been a group that has carried us at times, this year. And they certainly did this series. So we're fortunate to have them, the entire coaching staff. Whoo.

- How you do? Now you good.

- You can soak that in, too.

- Yeah. I will tell you, it's cold, but it never gets old. It's always a lot of fun. Look. That group has been a really special group. We saw it this series. It's a very good offensive team that we managed to keep in a pretty good spot.

- David, your team is now one of the final two teams standing in the National League. You have the opportunity to play for the World Series. How excited are you to see this come back to Miller Park?

- We're excited to get back home. Our fans were crazy for the two playoff games we had here this past week. And I have a pretty good feeling they're going to be even crazier when we get back there.

- Congratulations. Soak it up some more.

- Thanks, Sophia. I appreciate it.

- Well, congratulations. You guys are headed to the NLCS. You've been here before, but why is it special to do it with this team?

- Well, this is what I set out to do. My main goal, when I first signed back here was, get in the playoffs and just kind of go from there. We're here now. We're going to go out and compete, and play our tails off, and I hope we get to where we want to be, and that's the World Series.

- And you were pretty vocal yesterday that you wanted to be better. You wanted to step up for your team. So how were you able to do that today?

- I did a better job today. You know, I'm still not where I want to be. I had better at bats, swung at better pitches today. I hit a few balls hard. You know, nothing to show for it. But like I said, I had better at bats. And I want to be on base as much as possible for these guys behind me.

- And you guys have faced some great pitching. But if you had to go up to the plate against your pitching staff, how tough of a task would that be right now?

- It's very tough. Those guys have been lights out. And they've been controlling our team, running our team. We're been relying on them really, really, really heavy. So I hope we can give them a break a little bit and score a few more runs. We did a better job today. But at the same time, they did an excellent job, showed up in another huge way. So it was definitely nice to have.

- Well, the fans showed you a lot of love over the first few games at Miller Park. How excited are you guys to go home, and know that you'll have home field advantage for that LCS?

- That's nice. I know the fans are going to show up. So we've got to do the same. We've got to show up and be ready to go, ready to play hard. And I hope we go out there and start off hot like we did against the Rockies, and you know, get a few wins.

- All right, Ryan. Well, you addressed the team. You said a few celebrations down and two more to go. But why is this one special, as you guys continue to celebrate these steps getting closer to a World Series?

- Every one of them is special. Every one of them is incredibly difficult and challenging, but for us, playing against this team that was playing as well as they were, in two difficult places to pitch, to go out there and do what we did as a pitching staff is just so special. It's so difficult to do. And to sweep anybody is an incredibly difficult thing to do. So everybody here should be proud of what we just accomplished, but we should also be hungry, recognizing that there's more accomplishments ahead.

- And how much credit does that pitching staff deserve, Ryan? I mean, this was one of the top offenses in the National League, and the job that they did to shut them out, twice, and limit them to just two runs in three games?

- Yeah, it's remarkable, what we're doing right now as a pitching staff. I think, obviously, they deserve the majority of the credit for the success that we're having. There's so many guys contributing, and there's so many guys that are pitching at an incredibly high level. But pitching, very difficult, high stress, high leverage innings, and they're all coming through time and time again. It's amazing.

- How can you describe what Erik Kratz has done in this series? He came in with five hits over the last two games. And just the spark that he gave you guys offensively.

- Yeah. I mean, he's been setting them up all year. I think he was sandbagging a little bit, waiting until the biggest moment to show everybody how good he is offensively. But no. It's so cool. It's so special to see him have the success that he's had. He's had such an impact on our pitching staff, such an impact on our team, on our group, that there's nobody that we would rather see have success than him.

- And with the sweep, you guys will now get a couple days off. You'll have home field advantage at Miller Park for the NLCS. Just how much confidence do you feel as you prepare to head into that series?

- We're really confident. We're playing our best baseball when it matters most. We've approached every day for the last two weeks like it was a must win, and we found a way to win every one of those games. So I don't think our confidence could be much higher, but at the same time, we recognize that whoever we play next round is going to be an incredibly difficult challenge. But a challenge that we look forward to, and one that we'll embrace.

- Congrats.

You've said all season long this team is a family. What's it like to celebrate as a family now, going to the NLCS?

- We celebrate like a family. Now we've got a lot of ways to go. We've got a great team. We're already sure. We already turned it on, the last two weeks, we've been playing really good. Relieving, starting, hitters. Now we've got to keep going. We've got to keep going. It's going to be a good match in the next round. We're going to enjoy today.

- You were frustrated that you didn't have a hit in the first couple games of this series. How good did it feel to see that home run go out and help give this team a lead?

- That was a great feeling. That was a great feeling. The most important thing was that took the lead by two, and Miley can do his job. He was great on the mound. And he was dominating [INAUDIBLE] he was throwing the ball where he wants. He was throwing strikes when he wanted. Then when the relievers came in, you know what happened. You know what happened when the relievers came in.

They already showed the whole year. And they showed it today.

- Jesus, can you just step back for a moment and think about your season? You went to the spring training, not knowing if you would have a spot on this team. You became an all-star for the first time. You're in the postseason for the first time, and now you're headed to the NLCS. How fun has this season been for you?

- I think the thing goes perfect. I really believe in God. I got a lot of confidence. I got a lot confidence when I heard in spring training, coach, he said, you're going to be on my team no matter what. And he did it. He did it until I made the team. He let me [INAUDIBLE] I think I got a really good year.

Now we've got to keep going. We've got to keep going. We've got a lot to do. We've got a great team. And a lot of good things are going to happen.

- How excited are you to know that you'll be having home field advantage at Miller Park for the NLCS?

- I mean, for sure, the Brewer crowd has been there for us the last three-- I mean, this series-- they're going to show up for us, and we're going to be there [INAUDIBLE] over there.