Brewers Final Pitch: An encouraging rally comes up short

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On tonight's Brewers Final Pitch, Jerry Augustine says it's encouraging that the Milwaukee Brewers have been racking up hits late in games.

- A ninth inning rally falls short for the Brewers here against the Rockies. This is a Brewers Final Pitch.

The Brewers rally in the ninth to tie it at 4 and lose in extra innings 5 to 4, 11 innings, on a 3:2 two-out pitch to Nolan Arenado given up by Corey Knebel working a couple of innings in relief here. But tough way for Milwaukee to lose after that big rally, but they do get the series win.

- Boy, I tell you. And that's the most important thing. You like when the at bats they give late in ball games are starting to get-- see them come up in the eighth and ninth inning. They've been getting some real good at bats, allowing themself to get the opportunity to get back into ballgames. And like you say, Craig, lost 11 today, but big they win the series.

- Absolutely. So a day off on Monday before the Padres come in here on Tuesday. Let's get some post-game reaction now from manager, Craig Counsell.

- I mean, you know, it's not easy to come off the bench after nine innings, you know, and hit there. And I think Orlando's-- you know, there wasn't an obvious, you know, player to hit right there, and I don't think Orlando's thrived in those situations as much as any situations that he's had for at bats. So that one was a no brainer, to be honest with you.

CRAIG COSHUN: All right, Craig Counsellor talking about Arcia's big hit in that bottom of the ninth inning. So again, the day off Monday. Tuesday, back in action, first of three against the Padres. Clayton Richard on the hill for San Diego, Chase Anderson for Milwaukee. He pitched a gem against the Dodgers his last time out.

JERRY AUGUSTINE: Yeah, really threw the ball well. I think he gave up a couple home runs. But really, overall, you liked the stuff he had.

He had that good fastball, commanded his strikes out with his breaking ball and his change-up. And it's all about getting ahead of hitters. When he gets ahead hitters, he doesn't get behind, make those mistakes.

But last time out, he really had the good ballgame where he was throwing strikes and getting out hitters. Made a big difference.

- All right, again, 5-4, the Brewers fall to the Rockies in 11 innings on this Sunday. We're back on the air for Brewers Live Tuesday at 6:30 when they welcome in the Padres. This has been a Brewers Final Pitch.