Brewers Final Pitch: Milwaukee earns first series win in San Francisco since 2010

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The Brewers picked up their first series win in San Francisco since 2010.

- Welcome into Brewer's Final Pitch. Alongside Jerry Augustine, I'm Dario Melendez. The Brewers picking up their first series win out in San Francisco since 2010 on Saturday. Unfortunately, Jerry, they could not complete the series sweep, something, they've never done, out in San Francisco on Sunday as they fell 8-5 to the Giants.

- Boy, you really have to like the way they're playing baseball. The offense is swinging the bat. We talk about manufacturing runs. Something they had to do in the second half. Pitching other than today, Guerra walking some guys. Walks have caused trouble with our stars. We can't walk guys.

But overall, you have to like the way this road trip has started. You win three games in San Francisco, getting off to a great start.

- Let's take a look at the box score from this series finale. And obviously, Junior Guerra did not have his best stuff, going just four innings, five hits, five earned runs, three walks, five Ks.

But as Jerry mentioned, taking three of four from the Giants to start this west coast road trip, that's a really good start to begin this trip. And look, manager Craig Counsell agreeing with Jerry Augustine on Brewer's Final Pitch.

- You know, in advance, three out of four is good on the road for sure. Yeah. I mean, we, you know, we get out to an early lead today and like you said, it was just the Junior inning was just a weird inning. You know, it just was a little bit of a strange inning.

So you know, but they capitalized on it. You know, we could get a double play in that situation and it's a different game. But they capitalized on, you know, his wildness there in the third inning. And that's what, you know, that's what a guy like Buster Posey does to you.

DARIO MELENDEZ: So Brewers now head to LA for a four game set against the Dodgers. Here are your starting match ups for that tilt. Jerry, first thoughts when you see these starting match ups?

JERRY AUGUSTINE: You know, in San Francisco, we had eight starters that all had ERAs under four. And this is exactly what we're seeing with the Dodgers. But we see the Dodgers, what they have in their offense. They picked up Manny Machado. They're very good. And I'm going to tell you what. This is going to be a great series. And it's going to start with the starting pitching.

- So the Brewers now head to LA for a four game set against the Dodgers before returning home to Miller Park. That's going to do it for us here on Fox Sports Wisconsin. That has been Brewer's Final Pitch.