Fielder, Jenkins, Melvin reflect on receiving Brewers honors

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Geoff Jenkins, Prince Fielder and former general managers Doug Melvin and Harry Dalton were honored by the Milwaukee Brewers on July 24.

[LIGHTHEARTED MUSIC PLAYING] - Yeah, I mean it's a-- it's an amazing honor. I think you see some of the names that are up there in that group, and, I mean, it starts with Hank Aaron, Robbie Yount, Molitor, and everybody else. So you know, how could you not be humbled and honored to be in that group?

- It's awesome. I wasn't expecting it, because I mean, I know I'm retired. But I didn't-- I'm not all the way quite yet I guess, because I'm-- But I mean, I wasn't expecting it. So I'm really happy about it. I mean, I'm still kind of, I don't know, I haven't-- it hasn't like sunk in yet, because I just saw the plaque out there. So that's pretty cool.

- Prince said he sort of retired at 34. What'd I do wrong? I'm 66 and I'm--


How did that happen?

- You got lucky.

- But anyways, yeah, well executives don't receive these honors without players, without good scouting, without good player development, without good employees surrounding them, and that, and good families, too. Family allowed me to go out there and do my job, and Ellen took care of everything. And if there was a plaque for our wives, we'd put them up there, too. I think these guys would say the same, so.

But, no, a lot goes into a baseball season, that we talked about. That these two guys-- the thing that these two players, they played all-- they played all the time. You know, Prince only missed six games in six years. That's-- that's all. I took six days off in six years, I know that. But, and Jeff always played hard, and they played hard. That was the one thing about both these players. I feel honored going in with them.