Brewers players on N.L. final vote candidate Jesus Aguilar

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Milwaukee Brewers players share why they think Jesus Aguilar deserves to be in the MLB All-Star game.

- I believe in Jesús because he's an awesome teammate, for one. In the past two years I've played with him, he's probably had some of the most big hits for this team.

- I think he would be a treat for baseball fans around the world to be able to watch in the All-Star game. And he's the best at what he does, so he's extremely deserving for it on and off the field for the type of person that he is and the player.

- I believe in Jesús because he is probably one of the top five hitters in the league. He's been our MVP for the first half of the season. And we're a first place team. So it can't get much better than that.

- I believe in Jesús because he deserves to go to the All-Star game. He had been doing everything to be there, not only to be there-- being one of the one who starts the game. And hopefully, you guys vote for him and make this happen.