Brewers Final Pitch: Pitching and offense struggle vs. Cardinals

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Craig Coshun says the Brewers were limited to just two hits after the first inning in their series finale loss to the Cardinals.

- Only two hits after the first inning, not nearly enough for Milwaukee as they fall to St. Louis. This is a Brewer's final pitch. 8 - 2 is the final score, so the series split at two games apiece. St. Louis wins the final two games over this weekend.

And take a look at the pitching comparison, Augie. In this one, Luke Weaver had the upper hand on Brewer hitters after that first inning, striking out nine Brewers. Jhoulys Chacin gives up 8 earned runs. That's the most he has given up as a Brewer.

REPORTER: You know, we've talked so much about Jhoulys Chacin-- the command he has, the strike zone, how he can expand the strike zone. Really today, ran into trouble-- four of the five innings he was in he had multi-base base runners. Early in the innings, it caught up to him in the fourth inning when they scored five runs.

REPORTER 2: Yeah, big five run fourth inning as the Cardinals power pass the Brewers. Milwaukee without Travis Shaw after the third inning. He left with an injury. Here is manager Craig Counsell for an update.

- Yeah, he just, he re-aggrivated, you know, what he did last week. So it's right wrist, just re-aggravated it.

- And Lorenzo Cain was already out with some groin issues. And he took the day off today as well. So the Brewers will regroup with the day off on Monday. Hope to come back fresh. Don't know yet, but they'll deal with some nagging injuries, I guess, at this point in time.

- Well, the most thing you've got to do when you get into near the all-star break is health. You've got to be healthy. And right now the Brewers have some injuries. They've got to get healthy. Good to have a day off.

- You bet. We'll join you again Tuesday here at Miller Park, 6:30 for Brewers Live when the Royals come to town. This has been a Brewer's Final Pitch.