Brewers’ 2018 draft pick Joe Gray

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Hear from the Milwaukee Brewers' second-round pick of the 2018 First-Year Player Draft, Joe Gray.

- It's an unreal situation right here. This is what a kid like me, any kid in this sport would dream of from the time they realize, you know, the levels of it. So I'm happy. I couldn't be any happier, honestly. I'm excited, man. I'm ready to get the show on the road. I've been thinking about it since the day of the draft. It's been on my mind. But, you know, now it's official now. And within, I think two days, I'll be out in Arizona. And so, you know, no more excuses or nothing. Just ready to work and do what I have to do to get here.

- It's certainly always exciting when you can add somebody that you think can be an impact defender, a quality defender, in the middle of the field. I mean, we-- you see that as kind of what we have done fairly consistently with our draft and with our acquisition strategy in general. So to get somebody here who we feel like has that ability. And then also, you know, he can swing the bat a little bit. I mean, he's taking his first BP round over there with some big leaguers and he's holding his own. So it's pretty exciting.