Brewers take “Uecker trip” to Pittsburgh

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Milwaukee traveled to Pittsburgh in style in honor of their Hall of Fame radio broadcaster Bob Uecker.

ANNOUNCER: Speak of Pittsburgh, the Brewers were get up and get out of here mode yesterday and gone to Pittsburgh last night. The only way Bob Uecker could make it happen, the team drafts like Uke in his famous sports coats from the '70s and '80s as they boarded their flight Sunday. They're always enjoying the time.


- They're pretty funny. It was a fun little way, you know, to make the road trip yesterday. And the T-shirt is actually comfortable. So I have to keep in the rotation.

- We knew a little bit about that. But that was great. I know Uecker is a great person. He always-- he always with us in the clubhouse and having fun. That's great to do that for him.

- Oh, I loved it. I mean, I mean, like, the shirts were a surprise to all of us. We knew that we'd have the blazers. But, yeah, the shirt was awesome. And to actually find out that actually was from a real magazine ad was awesome. Just--