Brewers Final Pitch: Milwaukee ‘does it all’ in sweep of Arizona

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The Milwaukee Brewers hit, pitched and fielded well in their three-game sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks

- Brewers get a big sweep over the Arizona Diamondbacks and stay in first place in the National League Central. This is a Brewers Final Pitch. A 9 to 2 Milwaukee win, a 7 run fourth inning, and that was all the offense Milwaukee would need. Something we've been waiting to see.

- Oh, I tell you what, this has been quite a series. When you look at the first night, it was a combination of hitting and pitching. Last night, pitching and defense. Today, the offense broke it loose.

- All right, let's get some post-game reaction right now from Craig Counsell, on his big win for his Brew Crew here today.

CRAIG COUNSELL: It's up and down the lineup, you can't have just two or three guys at the top of the lineup. Or just the bottom of the lineup. It's going to take a lot of consecutive good at bats to put an inning together like that. And that inning started at the bottom of the lineup, with Chad getting on base to start an inning.

And then Suter laid down a nice bunt, so it's really-- to me, it's about the bottom of our lineup producing. And, you know, in the 6 spot, Johnny's on base three times today. Saladino is on base twice today, Bandy's on base twice today. You know, that's seven times on base from your 6, 7, 8 hitters. So that's a pretty good sign.

- Shaw and Saladino with home runs, and now Milwaukee will welcome in the New York Mets. Stephen Madsen, Zach Davies, who will start Thursday night in game 1 of a big four game weekend set here at Miller Park.

Zach Davies, by the way, and Ryan Braun, were activated after today's game off the disabled list. And Brandon Woodruff and Ji-man Choi were optioned back to triple-a, so that'll set the roster up. What do you expect out of Davies?

- Well, just to go out there tonight. I think what he has to do-- he's got all the quality pitches. He's got the good fastball, and he locates his change-up, breaking ball and cutter-- it's just about going out there and making those early adjustments.

It can be a little different, he's hasn't thrown that many innings in the last month and a half-- or last month I should say-- but it's about going out, getting positive innings. Go one inning at a time, pitch positive, make those adjustments.

- All right, we're back on the air Thursday night, 6:30 for Brewers live. When the Mets and the Brewers face off, the Brewers fresh off a sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks. This has been a Brewer's Final Pitch.