Badgers freshmen watch: Game 7 vs. Purdue

Alec Ingold (left) and T.J. Edwards are two freshmen that have acquitted themselves well for Wisconsin lately.

Time for another edition looking at the playing time and statistics of the younger players on the roster of the Wisconsin Badgers.

As usual, let me know we keep track of the playing time on a week-by-week basis, but Wisconsin will update its participation chart from previous games as the season goes along to update any mistakes. One quick note on this: Wisconsin changed its website around and some of the things I used to access are no longer there, but doing my best to keep up with everything in regards to participation.

Anyway, as we progress through the season it is interesting to see who is making an impact and who isn’t. Remember when Lubern Figaro used to start and make plays? No tackles this year. Jeremy Patterson? One game. But of course, there’s also the stories of Alec Ingold, Chris Orr, Micah Kapoi and others, who might not have been expected to contribute much this season, especially in Big Ten play.

Here’s the rundown of the playing time for the young Badgers:


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