StaTuesday: Badgers’ Erickson among most targeted in nation

Wisconsin Badgers wide receiver Alex Erickson has 105 targets on the season, more than all but seven wide-outs in the country.

Mike Granse/USA TODAY Sports/Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

It has been no secret that Alex Erickson has been the main receiver for Wisconsin quarterbacks since 2014. Defenses know this, too, of course, yet teams have not been able to stop the 5-foot-10 former walk-on.  

And the targets continue to pile up.  

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By my own research, Erickson has had double-digit targets six times in a game this season, including the last five. Overall, I have Erickson with 110 targets (95 from Joel Stave and 15 from Bart Houston).  

Perhaps to no surprise, Erickson is one of the top-targeted receivers in all of college football.  

The website has Erickson with 105 targets — it relies on play-by-play sheets, which aren’t always accurate but still give a representative picture — which ranks him eighth in the country. If he hadn’t been injured in the Iowa game, no doubt he’d be at least No. 6 on the list. Erickson is 12th in the nation in targets per game, using the website’s research.  


Among receivers with at least 6.0 targets per game, Erickson is ninth in the nation in percentage of team targets (he’s No. 7 when using players who have 10.0 targets or more).  


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