What’s the best Badgers football play ever?

Darrell Bevell scores on an improbable touchdown run in the Rose Bowl vs. UCLA, on Jan. 1, 1994.  

Courtesy University of Wisconsin Athletics

Earlier on Wednesday, prompted by a poll on the greatest college football play of all time, I posed the question on Twitter as to what was the greatest Wisconsin Badgers football play ever?

I expected the answer to be Darrell Bevell’s touchdown run in the 1994 Rose Bowl. And, as usual, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

While that play definitely stands out in Wisconsin lore, that was also quite a few years ago, or, before many people on Twitter were even born. So, yes, age of the respondent to that question certainly had an impact in the answer.

Here’s what some of my Twitter followers thought was the best Wisconsin play. What say you?