The truck was open, and Rodgers hit it

Green Bay Packers fans have seen quarterback Aaron Rodgers struggle a bit this season, but the ones living in Wisconsin have been frequently treated to a different perspective, courtesy of a regional Ford F150 television advertisement. In the commercial, Rodgers drops a perfect pass into the bed of a moving truck while standing about 30 yards away in a Wisconsin cornfield.

Rodgers talked about the making of the ad during his Tuesday radio show on 540 ESPN in Milwaukee, and his description combined with the outtakes Ford has posted on YouTube paint a pretty amazing picture of Rodgers’ ability to throw an accurate pass.

The outtakes begin by explaining that the average receiver runs at about 17 mph and that Rodgers needs to hit the truck, which will be moving at about twice that speed, on the move. After one miss over the top of the bed, Rodgers dropped his second pass perfectly into the truck.

So was any editing involved?

“One hundred percent legit, Take 2,” Rodgers told 540 ESPN host Jason Wilde. “. . . I put an over-under on myself at five. A few people on the crew took the over. They had tried it the day before. They set everything up.

“We were at this beautiful house in the country. It was a professional driver guy that could get it to whatever speed they wanted. I had to deliver a line, ‘And that’s why Ford F-Series is Wisconsin’s No. 1 truck,’ and I just turned and threw it.

“It was 7:15 in the morning. I had a little coffee and was feeling good. I deliver the line, and the director tells me how it is going to go. The truck  drives by so I can see the speed one time … he goes back. The first take, I missed by 15 yards. Going against me was the balls were deflated because they didn’t want the balls to bounce in and out of the truck.  Flat footballs at a difficult moving target. Take two, I’m thinking to myself, I missed by 15 yards, let me see if I can throw it in front of the truck. I’m going to try and lead it way out there. Nobody there could believe it, either. I was pretty happy about that.”

There’s a lesson here, Packers fans: Never doubt the NFL MVP.