Favre Rewind: The Biggest moments from Brett Favre’s big weekend

By most accounts, it was a cathartic weekend for Brett Favre and his fans from throughout the state of Wisconsin.

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Brett Favre is 45 years old now. His days in the NFL are over (we can say that with a fair amount of confidence these days, anyway).

But The Ol’ Gunslinger can still bring a crowd to its feet. Favre proved that again over the weekend, when he was honored, in essence, at both Lambeau Field and Camp Randall Stadium. In Green Bay, of course, Favre’s No. 4 jersey was retired and he was enshrined in the team’s hall of fame. In Madison, Favre filled the air with footballs in a charity flag-football event.

By most accounts, it was a cathartic weekend for Favre and his fans from throughout the state of Wisconsin.

And, it was 48 hours worth reliving. So let’s do so, by taking a look back at the weekend’s top Favre-related moments. (Editor’s note: Quotes are from the Associated Press, unless otherwise noted).


Favre received a standing ovation and chants of "MVP, MVP, MVP" on Saturday night at Lambeau. Considering the unceremonious departure Favre had from Green Bay following the 2007 season, you can bet the warm reception on Saturday night was an immense relief to the former three-time NFL MVP. In fact, he said as much — repeatedly — on that evening.


How about this one, from former Packers head coach Mike Holmgren, who coached Favre from 1992-98?  

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"The whole thing started when (former Packers general manager Ron Wolf) walked into my office one day not long after he hired me and said, ‘I’m thinking about trading our No. 1 pick for this guy named Brett Favre.’ And I had known Brett briefly, conducted his workout out of college, but that was about it. For a new head coach coming in with two No. 1s — if you remember — that year, I’m thinking I’m in pretty good shape, and now we want to trade one away. But fortunately . . . (Ron) talked to me about it. And I always appreciated that. But fortunately, he made the trade and the rest is history."


There were actually multiple fans in the stands at Lambeau Field on Saturday night wearing Vikings jerseys. Yes, those were jerseys honoring Favre’s brief-but-memorable stint with rival Minnesota (2009-10), but that’s still a gutsy move for Minnesotans in enemy territory.  


— "I understand that this night is ‘about me,’ but I would choose to say it’s about us (former Packers from Favre’s 16-year-run in Green Bay). And that’s why I’m here today." — Favre, on Saturday in Green Bay

— "Yes, I have been away from Green Bay for quite a while. A lot of people that I am close to have sort of forgotten the body of work (with the Packers), simply because of what has happened and the departure when I left. Of course, that is all forgotten. Today is a special day." — Favre, on Saturday in Green Bay

— "I have to admit, I’m worn out just from the emotions." — Favre, speaking on Sunday in Madison


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— More than 67,000 fans flocked to Lambeau Field on Saturday night, simply to hear Favre speak. An announced crowd of 22,497 attended the Brett Favre Legends Game at Camp Randall Stadium, to see Favre rifle passes to former teammates like 48-year-old Andre Rison.

— In the flag-football event in Madison, Favre’s team of former Packers edged a group of fellow NFL retirees, 38-32. Don’t think that final score didn’t matter at least a little to Favre, always a fierce competitor.


Let’s let Brett Favre’s brother, Scott, tell it:

"I think it made him a little at peace to come back and to get it done. There’s been that little feeling in there of animosity, people think, on both sides — but coming back I think it eased him a little bit."

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