StaTuesday: Packers’ Rodgers charging up NFL playoff record books

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is well on his way to winning a third career MVP award.

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If Rodgers can keep Green Bay’s playoff run alive with a win over Tampa Bay on Sunday, he’ll boost his playoff legacy, further guaranteeing himself a bust at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

By the time a new Super Bowl champion is crowned, Rodgers could be sitting in the top two or three of just about every all-time NFL playoff passing record.

Rodgers already made history this postseason by becoming the Packers’ all-time playoff leader in passing yards. He already owned the touchdown record over greats Brett Favre and Bart Starr, notching that feat last season.

Of all the NFL quarterbacks who’ve lined up under center in a playoff game, Rodgers ranks seventh in completions. With 34 more, he’ll surpass former teammate Brett Favre for the No. 3 spot. Brady, the leader in the clubhouse by over 400 completions, will also be adding to his total Sunday.

1 Tom Brady 1,065
2 Peyton Manning 649
t-3 Brett Favre 481
t-3 Drew Brees 481
5 Ben Roethlisberger 469
6 Joe Montana 460
7 Aaron Rodgers 448

Rodgers ranks seventh all-time in passing yards. He needs 533 yards to shoot up to third all-time behind Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Rodgers likely won’t get there Sunday against the league’s eighth-best passing defense in Tampa Bay, but 533 yards over two games (if the Packers get to Super Bowl) is more than doable.

1 Tom Brady 11,968
2 Peyton Manning 7,339
3 Brett Favre 5,855
4 Joe Montana 5,772
5 Ben Roethlisberger 5,757
6 Drew Brees 5,366
7 Aaron Rodgers 5,323

Now, over to passing TDs. Rodgers is three shy of Joe Montana for second place. Tossing four touchdowns — something he did in seven of 16 games this season — would land Rodgers all alone in second place.

1 Tom Brady 77
2 Joe Montana 45
3 Brett Favre 44
4 Aaron Rodgers 42
5 Peyton Manning 40

And finally, Rodgers ranks fifth in career playoff passer rating. This one’s a bit harder to predict, but Rodgers has registered a 100+ passer rating in two of his last postseason contests. Look out, Pat Mahomes.

1 Patrick Mahomes 106.6
2 Bart Starr 104.8
3 Kurt Warner 102.8
4 Matt Ryan 100.8
5 Aaron Rodgers 100.4
6 Nick Foles 98.8

Of course, at the top of all those lists is Brady, dubbed the Greatest Of All Time with six Super Bowl rings. The NFC Championship game will mark the fourth career meeting between Rodgers and Brady as starting quarterbacks.

Rodgers and the Packers won the first matchup 26-21 in 2014, but Brady has taken the last two: 31-17 in 2018 with New England and 38-10 earlier this season with Tampa Bay.

Aaron Rodgers 1-2 55.2% 262.3 6 2 86.4
Tom Brady 2-1 62.9% 235.0 5 0 102.0