StaTuesday: Final 2016 passing targets and penalties for Badgers

Both Badger quarterbacks threw consistently to Jazz Peavy, who finished the season with 43 receptions for 635 yards and five touchdowns.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Spor

We’ve provided a couple of updates on the targets for Wisconsin Badgers receivers this year and with the 2016 season coming to a close it’s time for one last look.

It was an interesting year at quarterback for Wisconsin. Bart Houston began the season as the starter, lost his job to Alex Hornibrook, then was the No. 1 QB once again in the final three games.

Was there a difference between the two quarterbacks? Both targets Jazz Peavy the most and Troy Fumaglli the second most, but there was a notable gap difference.


Cephus 1 1
Clement 6 6
Fumagalli 33 24 2 1
Ingold 5 4
Ogunbowale 12 11
Peavy 36 21 2
Penniston 7 3 2 1
Ramesh 2 1 1
Rushing 9 6 1
Steffes 6 3 1 1
Taylor 1 1
Wheelwright 25 15 1 2
TOTALS 143 96 9 3 1 2



Cephus 5 3
Clement 8 6 1
Fumagalli 36 23 3 1
Ingold 5 2
Ogunbowale 18 12
Peavy 52 22 4 1 1 2
Penniston 3 3
Ramesh 3 2
Rushing 12 6 2 1
Shaw 1 1
Steffes 5 4 1
Taylor 3 2 1
Thrown away 2
Wheelwright 32 19 4 3
TOTALS 185 105 14 7 2 2


Some additional notes:

— INC/PEN means an incomplete pass which was nullified due to a penalty. While that pass won’t count on the QBs record for attempts, it was still a play, so to speak, and helps give insight.

— LOST/PEN is similar to the above, except it was a completed pass lost to an offensive penalty.

— Thrown away means just that. The game book might give the target as the nearest receiver, but in reality the pass was not trying to be completed, just thrown out of bounds to (likely) save a sack.

— Peavy led the team with 88 targets, a far cry from the last two years when Alex Erickson had 140 and 111 targets.

— Rob Wheelwright’s targets slowed to a trickle. He had two against Purdue (one from each QB), four vs. Minnesota (two from each), one vs. Penn State and one, from Houston, in the Cotton Bowl against Western Michigan.

— Despite leading the team in targets, Peavy was never targeted against Western Michigan.

— Fumagalli had eight targets against Western Michigan, which includes one completion nullified by penalty.

Speaking of penalties, for those interested here’s the complete list of accepted and declined infractions committed by the Badgers this past season. We should note that Wisconsin committed just 48 penalties or 3.4 per game, which is the lowest total and average for the Badgers since 2010 (41/3.2).

Benzschawel Minnesota false start 5 off
Biegel Akron holding 10 st
Biegel Michigan State unsportsmanlike conduct 15 def
Biegel Nebraska offsides 5 def
Booker Michigan State holding 10 st
Booker Michigan State pass interference 15 def
Cephus Purdue false start 5 off
Connelly Illinois personal foul 15 def
Connors Ohio State holding 10 off
Deiter Michigan State false start 5 off
Dieter/Ramesh LSU illegal block 15 off
Edwards Northwestern holding D off
Edwards Minnesota illegal block D off
Edwards Penn State false start 5 off
Ferguson Illinois holding 9 st
Figaro Ohio State illegal block 5 st
Figaro Purdue kick catching interference 13 st
Fumagalli Ohio State holding 10 off
Hirschfeld Purdue offsides 5 def
Hornibrook Illinois illegal forward pass 5 off
Jacobs Penn State roughing the passer 15 def
Maxwell LSU personal foul 15 off
Maxwell Akron holding D off
Maxwell Michigan false start 5 off
Musso Penn State pass interference 15 def
Neuville LSU holding 10 off
Ogunbowale Akron offsides D def
Penniston Northwestern holding 10 off
Ramczyk LSU false start 5 off
Ramczyk Illinois false start 5 off
Rand Michigan personal foul 15 st
Sagapolu Michigan holding 10 def
Sagapolu Michigan State delay of game 5 def
Sheehy Nebraska offsides D st
Sheehy Purdue offsides 5 def
Sheehy Purdue face mask 15 def
Shelton Michigan State unsportsmanlike conduct 7 def
Shelton Ohio State pass interference 10 def
Shelton Minnesota pass interference 15 def
Team Iowa illegal formation D off
Team Penn State illegal shift 5 off
Tindal LSU holding 15 def
Tindal Akron pass interference 15 def
Tindal Michigan State unsportsmanlike conduct offset st
Tindal Minnesota pass interference 15 def
Tindal Penn State pass interference D def
Unknown Purdue offsides 5 st
Watt Akron pass interference 15 def
Watt Purdue offsides 5 def
Watt Purdue roughing the passer 15 def
Wheelwright Michigan State holding 10 off
Neuville Western Michigan false start 5 off
Neuville Western Michigan running into kicker 5 st
Edwards Western Michigan false start 5 off
Edwards Western Michigan false start 5 off
Steffes Western Michigan pass interference 15 off