StaTuesday: Packers’ Rodgers sets record with INT-free streak

With a touchdown pass to Randall Cobb on Sunday, Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers set a record for most pass attempts without an interception.

The TD was Rodgers’ 359th pass attempt without being picked off, surpassing the NFL mark of 358 set by New England’s Tom Brady in 2010 and into the first game of 2011. Rodgers’ streak now stands at 368 attempts; his last interception came in the second quarter of Week 4’s 22-0 win over Buffalo.

Rodgers is still chasing Brady for another interception-less record, however — most consecutive games without throwing one.

Brady went 11 games to close the 2010 regular season without throwing an interception. No other quarterback in NFL history (min. 10 attempts each game) has gone 10 games.

Rodgers’ streak stands at nine — one of four QBs to have reach that number. The others: Cleveland’s Bernie Kosar in 1991, Washington’s Jason Campbell from 2007-08 and Kansas City’s Alex Smith in 2015.

Six quarterbacks have a streak of eight games without an interception, including Oakland’s Derek Carr this season (and this streak is active). Rodgers, in 2016, is one of 10 QBs to have a streak of seven games without a pick.

If the criteria is changed to just five attempts per game, the Packers’ Bart Starr has the record with 14 straight games without an interception, from Oct. 4, 1964-Oct. 3, 1965. Starr had at least 13 attempts in 13 of those games; the exception being a 24-14 loss to San Francisco when he completed just 1 of 5 passes — and it was a touchdown (Zeke Bratkowski played the majority of the game at QB). In addition, Cleveland’s Milt Plum had a streak of 11 games, which includes one game with eight pass attempts.

Rodgers does own another NFL interception record, though — best career interception rate (1.5 percent).

He’s only thrown the lone pick this season. The fewest interceptions for any quarterback with 400+ pass attempts and having played all 16 regular-season games is four, done by three QBs — Brady, Steve DeBerg and Dak Prescott.


Aaron Rodgers Packers 2018 13 495 1
Tom Brady Patriots 2016 12 432 2
Tom Brady Patriots 2010 16 492 4
Drew Brees Saints 2018 13 415 4
Steve DeBerg Chiefs 1990 16 444 4
Dak Prescott Cowboys 2016 16 459 4
Tyrod Taylor Bills 2017 15 420 4
Steve Bartkowski Falcons 1983 14 432 5
Sam Bradford Vikings 2016 15 552 5
Aaron Rodgers Packers 2014 16 520 5
Alex Smith 49ers 2011 16 445 5
Alex Smith Chiefs 2017 15 505 5

Even if you lower the attempts to 300 per season, no QB has thrown just one interception in a season. Nick Foles had two in 2013 (317 attempts) and David Garrard three in 2007 (325 attempts).

Whatever you make of the Packers’ season — and it’s been something of a mess — at least you can say you witnessed some history (with more possible to come).