Scott Tolzien: ‘Getting more comfortable’ with offense

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Welcome to Week 2 of Scott Tolzien

getting the starting quarterback treatment. Just as it was leading into

Tolzien’s first NFL start a week earlier, a large crowd of reporters from

across the state of Wisconsin flooded around his locker Wednesday afternoon.

Here are five question-and-answer highlights from the

interview with Tolzien:

1. Has it yet to sink in that, at least for a little

while, you’re the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers?

TOLZIEN: “I think I try to avoid that for now. I

think that’s something for down the road, looking back. I’m just trying to have

tunnel vision right now with a laser focus on what we’re trying to do. You

don’t want to make something different than what it is.”

2. How would you evaluate your performance against the

New York Giants?

TOLZIEN: “Like any game since the first game you

ever played, there’s good and bad. But you always focus on what you can improve

on first. Just like I said after the game, first and foremost is taking care of

the football. That’s an area of emphasis meeting with my coaches. We’re working

on that.”

3. How do you avoid interceptions like the ones you’ve


TOLZIEN: “I think it’s just something that’s in

the back of your mind. But you’ve still got to play ball. It’s a reactionary

sport. They all are. You just keep it there and you just try to make good

decisions, ultimately. I think the more you prep the better you feel about the


4. Are you comfortable making calls at the line of

scrimmage? Do you have the freedom to do so?

TOLZIEN: “Yeah. And I think especially as the

weeks add on here I’m getting more and more comfortable with what we’re trying

to do. But I think primarily is to let the offense come to you. Usually good things

happen when you let that game plan take care of itself.”

5. When you’re replacing a quarterback as accomplished as

Aaron Rodgers, do you feel a lot of pressure?

TOLZIEN: “No. I think you’ve just got to be

yourself. We’re so lucky to have Aaron as our quarterback. All of us want him

playing. But at the same time, you don’t make excuses. It’s what we have in the

locker room and you make the most of it, plain and simple, and you go from


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