Rodgers: Packers fortunate to have Jones

GREEN BAY, Wis. — It took until Week 6, but Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers finally looked like the NFL’s MVP again. Throwing six touchdown passes and no interceptions, Rodgers helped Green Bay beat the previously undefeated Houston Texans. Now with a 3-3 record, the Packers travel to St. Louis for a meeting this Sunday with the 3-3 Rams.

In his weekly meeting with the media, Rodgers talked about that upcoming matchup, proving critics wrong and much more.

Five question-and-answer highlights:

1. How do you top your performance from Sunday?

RODGERS: It’s probably not going to happen. To throw six touchdowns, a lot of stuff has to come together. You have to kind of stall at times on your runs inside the red zone, that adds to it. You have to make the most of some opportunities, you have to have some guys break some tackles and have guys make some great catches. You have to have the line protecting well enough to get off six passes. A lot of stuff came together, was glad to be able to tie Matt Flynn’s record, now move forward.

2. How does playing with a chip on your shoulder help you to perform your best?

RODGERS: I’ve always enjoyed that. It’s something that’s fortunately been a part of my career since I was a young player. You’ve got to remember where you came from. I have that perspective and it’s always helped me out at different times.

3. Is James Jones playing like a No. 1 wide receiver this season?

RODGERS: I’m just going to say that I hope we can hold onto him for a while. I’ve said that in the past and we’re fortunate to have a lot of guys who play at a high level in that position group, and he’s playing really well, making the most of his opportunities, making me look good in the process. So you’ve got to appreciate James, the way he’s playing right now.

4. What did you think of Alex Green’s debut as the starting running back?

RODGERS: I think he ran the ball really well. He’s got a good running style, he’s downhill. He gets extra yards after contact. I think he ran the ball well enough to give us balance last week, and I think he’s going to continue to get better. For him, it’s just about confidence. It’s about getting reps in the game and getting carries. I think he was coming off probably the most carries he’d had in Indy, and then he had 22 last week. The more carries he gets, I think the better he’s going to be for us and the more confident and the more great runs you’re going to see.

5. Are the Rams an emerging team in the NFL?

RODGERS: I think so. They’re very well coached. They’ve played a little bit quicker at home, which is natural because you’re going to get that extra kind of half-step from the crowd noise. But they’ve got a good pedigree to have a good defense. They can cover, they have guys that get after the passer really well and when you have a middle linebacker like (James) Lauranaitis who’s playing at a very high level, that kind of brings it all together. They’ve got the right guys in the right places. I think they’re primed to really continue to take off under Coach (Jeff) Fisher with the young talent that they have.

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