Pie-gate: Rodgers gets even with Kuhn

By Andrew Gruman

NFL defenses have learned fast not to mess with NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers.

Now his teammates are learning the same lesson the hard way.

Just over a week ago, while meeting the media at his locker, Rodgers was attacked by Pro Bowl fullback John Kuhn, who shoved a shaving cream pie in his face.

It was later revealed that Kuhn didn’t work alone and was joined in the plot by punter Tim Masthay and long snapper Brett Goode.

Rodgers didn’t waste much time getting revenge, even convincing Goode to join his side.

In an interview on “Tuesday’s With Aaron” on ESPN Wisconsin, Rodgers described what happened in the team hotel the night before the Packers preseason finale against the Chiefs.

“John, this one is for you,” Rodgers said on ESPN Wisconsin. “The little prank we pulled on him last week actually wasn’t a prank. We had John (Kuhn) convinced that I had got into his room early because Brett (Goode) had gotten the keys and I had taken the keys and gotten in his room and messed it up or done something to it. So, he knew I had gotten his key.

“I concocted this plan to have this little information slip out that I had not done anything to his room, but I had put a substance on his bed that makes him itch all over and put a substance on his bed that wasn’t detectable but would make him itch and have hives all over. It was leaked to him by one of our security guys in a way that John thought he was being helped out by this guy.”

To say Rodgers got in Kuhn’s head would be an understatement. Kuhn didn’t sleep in his hotel bed.

“We played some cards the night before (the game) and he said ‘I’m not going to my room, I’m not going to my room, I know you did something to it’ and I played it down,” Rodgers said.  “I don’t know where he ended up sleeping that night.”

So the MVP got Kuhn back without actually doing anything to him physically, just messing with his mind.

“It is kind of like the scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, ‘don’t do anything, do less’,” Rodgers said. “So I did less. I didn’t do anything to him, but I mind got him back.”

Even though the prank was successful, Rodgers isn’t done. He’s got bigger plans.

“That’s only the beginning, though…there’s more to come,” Rodgers said. “It will be swift. It will actually be something that happens to Masthay and Brett.”