Packers will cut off alcohol sales early

GREEN BAY, Wis. — The Green Bay Packers are taking extra precaution to help make sure fans at Lambeau Field adhere to the stadium’s code of conduct for Saturday night’s playoff game.

The biggest change from normal stadium policy will be that alcohol sales will cease at the beginning of the third quarter, as opposed to the customary practice of ending alcohol sales at the end of the third quarter.

In an email, the Packers explained that the “unique circumstances” of the game – it being a wild-card playoff game against the division rival Minnesota Vikings on a Saturday at 8 p.m. ET – was the reason for the change.

“Packers fans, in general, provide an exciting, enjoyable environment at Lambeau Field, and we’re expecting that again Saturday night,” said Doug Collins, the Packers’ director of corporate security/risk management. “Night games previously have presented us with more challenges than normal with regard to inappropriate behavior. We are asking fans to enjoy the game responsibly and also help us out by reporting poor conduct to stadium and law enforcement personnel, either in person, or by text at the number posted in the stadium.

“The vast majority of our fans – 99 percent – follow the code of conduct, and we appreciate that. Those that don’t will be addressed so that others may continue to enjoy the game. We want to provide the best experience for everyone who attends.”

The Packers are also recommending that fans enter the stadium gates early, with enhanced security screening measures remaining in place.

It will be the second time the two teams meet in as many weeks. Minnesota beat Green Bay 37-34 last Sunday on a late field goal to make the playoffs.

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