Packers Cheesehead golf cart looking for new home

As classic vehicles go, Greg Ellious is certain he owns a one-of-a-kind model that will resonate with those residing in the Cheesehead State and beyond.

Ellious has been the proprietor of a specially made Green Bay Packers-themed golf cart for a dozen years. The cart, which is painted green and yellow, features a gigantic Packers helmet replica that surrounds the driver’s seat and several autographs from former Packers players.

“It’s put in a lot of parades and things,” Ellious said. “It draws a lot of attention.”

Now, Ellious is hoping it will draw even more attention because he has put the golf cart up for sale. Although it is fully functional, comes with a charger and requires only six batteries, according to Ellious, it doesn’t serve much of a purpose for its owner anymore.

Ellious once owned three car dealerships in the Wisconsin Rapids and Stevens Point areas and left the cart on one of his showroom floors for passersby. He now pays $100 a month to keep the cart in a storage garage.

“I’d love to keep it, but I don’t have the room for it,” he said.

Ellious has posted pictures and information of the sale on Craigslist, and the current asking price is $6,900, although he will consider other offers. It first went on sale April 25, but Ellious has had to lower his asking price from $7,900.

Part of what makes the golf cart unique, Ellious said, was its backstory. According to Ellious, George Barris of North Hollywood, Calif., originally created the golf cart, although it had nothing to do with the Packers. Barris is a famous designer of custom cars and customized several vehicles for movies and television shows such as the Batmobile, the Green Hornet car and the Beverly Hillbillies car.

The golf cart originally was red and white and used in an unknown movie. The next owner of the cart, who lived in Portage, Wis., ultimately changed the model to include a giant Packers helmet.

Ellious purchased the golf cart for roughly $4,900 after he found it in the man’s Portage garage during a classic car auction.

“I didn’t know it existed,” Ellious said. “I used to go to the auction there every week. I was a car dealer for 25 years. I happened to go down there to look at one of the classy cars he had for sale and I spotted that in the back and started asking him about it. I said, ‘Would you consider selling it?’ He called me and gave me a price and I bought it.”

When Ellious purchased the golf cart, it featured signatures of a few former Packers players. But Ellious tracked down even more autographs when he took the cart to Green Bay’s 10-year reunion for its 1996 Super Bowl team.

Among the Packers signatures Ellious has obtained over the years: running back Edgar Bennett, wide receiver Antonio Freeman, safety LeRoy Butler, guard Fuzzy Thurston, linebacker George Koonce guard/tackle Mike Wahle and wide receiver Bill Schroeder.

Ellious said several people had expressed interest in the cart, but he has been unable to sell it in its first month on the market. He said a Packers fan from Schaumburg, Ill., wanted it, and the two spoke for nearly four weeks to work out the details, but the man’s wife decided she didn’t want to spend the money on it.

“The last owner had it over at Lambeau Field a couple times for practices and things like that,” Ellious said. “I’m sure going over there this summer would be the way to sell it. My wife tried to get me to do it last year, and I didn’t and I probably should have. You take it to a game, you’ve got all the visibility in the world.”

Although Ellious said he hoped the golf cart would ultimately go to a Packers fan, he wouldn’t be opposed to selling it to a Bears fan.

“I don’t know why a Bears fan would want it,” he said, “but they might.”

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