NFL Draft analyst Tony Pauline scouting report on Badgers players

Boon or bust? Tony Pauline could see Dezmen Southward being an NFL starter down the line or languishing on a roster or practice squad for years.

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I’ve known Tony Pauline for a long time. He has turned himself into one of the best draft analysts and experts by churning through game film and attending the postseason all-star games.

Tony was kind enough to supply some of his time and give analysis of some former Wisconsin Badgers players who are hoping to get drafted this year.

You can read more of Tony’s stuff at his website and can follow him on Twitter via @TonyPauline.

Now, without further adieu, here’s his take on the Badgers players:

Chris Borland: "I think he’s going to be a third-round pick. A tremendous football player, great instincts, great intensity, poor measurables. Obviously an injury history which has raised some red flags among teams. He’s got second-round playing ability, he’s got sixth-round measurable, he’s got a seventh-round medical history. So you’re going to have to find some kind of happy medium. But the fact that it is a poor inside middle linebacker class is going to help him." Note: Had some technical difficulties, but Pauline also said he didn’t think Borland would be a fit in a 4-3 and he had heard injury concerns last year about Borland, but not this year.

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Jared Abbrederis: "Again, doesn’t have the great measurables, but is just a terrific football player. He looked like a first-round talent against (Ohio State’s) Bradley Roby, when he destroyed Roby in that game. Not real big, not real fast, but efficient, smart, knows how to get open. Doesn’t run the 40 fast, but is sneaky fast on the football field. Finds the open seam consistently and comes away with the grab. The problem is he’s not a No. 2 at the next level, maybe he’s a No. 3. More than likely a No. 4 receiver, so he’s probably a last-day pick, a fifth-round pick, in part because of the measurable and partly because it is such a receiver-rich draft.  Punt returning will help him make a roster, but it won’t really help his draft stock at all." Note: Pauline said while Abbrederis could be a punt returner, he noted he wasn’t someone like Oklahoma State’s Josh Stewart (a gamebreaker), thus his draft stock wasn’t really helped out there.

Dezmen Southward: "I like Southward a lot. I liked him as a junior in 2012. I thought he was slightly underrated by people. Granted, he had an up-and-down year in 2013, but he looks the part (and) he often plays to it. I think he’s a scheme-specific player. He’s a zone-type of defensive back who really has to face the action. But I think he’s a guy that has tremendous upside. It’s just a matter of turning those athletic skills into football ability. Going to be a last-day pick. I have him as a fourth-rounder, but I could see him going later. He’s a guy who could languish on a depth chart or a practice squad, or he’s someone two years down the road he’s starting and how the hell did that guy get away from us?" Note: Pauline did concede he likes Southward more than others.

Beau Allen: "To my mind is one of the most underrated defensive linemen in the draft. The fact he didn’t get a combine invite is ridiculous. He should have gotten one. He could be the first non-combine player selected in the draft. I mean he’s explosive, he’s intense, he’s strong at the point of attack, he defeats blocks but he also shows the ability to slide of blocks. He’s more than a straight-line player. He gets out laterally and chases the action and makes plays outside the box. I think he’s a good fit for a number of systems. Obviously, nose tackle. You could use him as a conventional tackle in a four-man line. Good amount of upside. Quirky personality, to say the least. Strange kind of bird. But still a guy who has all the tools to play and produce at the next level."

James White: "(His stock might be low to some) because he’s not real big and not real fast, but he’s incredibly productive. I have him as a sixth-round type of player. I could see him going fifth round. He’s one of those guys who is going to go late and is just going to have a 10-year career at the next level as a rotational type of ball carrier. He’s a smart ball carrier. He always picks up positive yardage when the ball is in his hands. He’s a tremendous pass catcher out of the backfield. You can use him on third-down situations, throw him the ball out of the backfield, use him to carry the ball. He’s never a star, but he’s a guy who is just going to find a way to pick up the first down in third-down situations. He’s a rotational back. Again, he’s not a heavy-duty pounder on the inside and he’s not a guy who is going to run to daylight or run away from opponents down the sidelines, but he’s good in space, he’s a smart, instinctive back with a lot of vision. He just does a lot of things well. He’s going to be drafted late, but he’s going to make a roster and I think he’s going to have a long career at the next level."

Ryan Groy: "I have him as maybe a fourth- or fifth-round pick. The fact is, when you watch him on film, he looks like a small-area mauler, slug it out type of lineman. Then he goes to the combine at 316 pounds and runs a 5.15 (in the 40), has a good 10 time and looks very athletic, so people are saying, ‘Wow.’ He has the athleticsm and he has the size, it is just a matter of meshing the two and teaching him to basically expand his game from the small-area blockers that he was at Wisconsin. He’s a last-day pick, but I definitely think he has next-level potential."

Jacob Pedersen: "He’s OK. Pedersen, again, this seems like a never-ending theme here: Not big, not fast, but very efficient, good football player. He catches the ball when it’s thrown to him. Does a solid job when asked to block. He’s not outstanding in one area of the game, he doesn’t have any outstanding physical skills. I don’t think he’s going to be drafted. I have him as a free agent.  If he makes it at the next level, it will be as a third tight end/special teams player. He’s not fast enough to be used as a move tight end. That’s why he’s going to have to make it on special teams. I mean, can he long snap?"

Brian Wozniak: "I do like him as a blocking tight end. He’s not going to be drafted. He’s going to be signed as an undrafted free agent, probably after Pedersen. But again, I mean, he has adequate size but he does a good job blocking. If you’re looking for a third tight end to put on the field in short-yardage situations, third-and-2 and block for you, that’s where he would stand out in my opinion."

Brendan Kelly: "Kelly is sort of a smallish defensive end, pass rusher. Any chance? Yeah, if he rushes the passer well."

Ethan Hemer: "Hemer wasn’t good last year. I heard part of the problem was he was asked to keep his weight down. He’s like a natural 310, 315 pounds. So he’s one of those guys who won’t be drafted, probably won’t sign until late, but could surprise in the minicamp. He’s a longshot to make it, but don’t count that shot out. At the very least maybe a practice squad. He was better in 2012 than 2013."

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