Bucks unveil new green and cream logo and color scheme

Milwaukee's new color scheme will be green and cream with blue used as an accent color.

MILWAUKEE — Described as the first step in changing from the old guard to the new guard, the Milwaukee Bucks released their new logos and color scheme at an event at the BMO Harris Bradley Center on Monday.

Milwaukee’s new color scheme will be green and cream with blue used as an accent color.

The Bucks opted to keep green as a primary color because they consider it a hallmark of their brand, as it is the lone color used by the team since its inception in 1968.

Cream was adopted as a primary color to pay homage to the Cream City brick used as the primary building block for many homes, businesses and churches throughout the Milwaukee area.

Only one of the Bucks’ three new logos will feature the color blue, which was added to the scheme as a way to incorporate numerous lakes and rivers in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

The primary logo features what is said to be a more imposing buck than the one in Milwaukee’s current logo. An additional change comes in the antlers of the deer, as the rack has grown from an eight-point buck to a 12-point buck with the growth coming in the shape of a basketball.

Released as a teaser on April 1, the "M" logo forms the chest of the deer in the primary logo.

The secondary logo is described as a badge to honor the Bucks being the seventh-longest tenured NBA franchise in their current city. The basketball is taken from the basketball-shaped antler growth from the deer featured in the primary logo.

Using the state of Wisconsin as its shape, the tertiary logo is the only mark with blue in it. Wanting to grow their brand statewide, the franchise hopes this design will remind people the Bucks are Wisconsin’s NBA team.

Milwaukee’s ownership group approached the NBA about changing the franchise’s logo and color scheme last July. The league set a Sept. 1 deadline if the Bucks wanted the changes implemented for the 2015-16 season.

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That meant a year-long process had to be tackled in six weeks.

Bucks vice president of strategy and operations Alex Lasry had a friend introduce him to Doubleday & Cartwright, a Brooklyn-based design agency that has worked with Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods, LeBron James, Chris Paul and the NCAA during its five years of existence.

Doubleday & Cartwright won an open-bid process with one other firm and quickly began working with the Bucks on a plan.

Two significant members of Doubleday & Cartwright’s team have ties to Milwaukee, something that was important to the progression of the design. Creative director Justin Kay grew up in New Berlin, Wis. and attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, while partner Kimou Meyer’s mother immigrated to the city from Switzerland in 1958.

Doubleday & Cartwright and the Bucks were intent on steering away from trendy designs, including the randomness of former colors purple and red, to focus on a brand that can represent the franchise for a lengthy period of time.

There was a feeling that the current logo and color scheme presented the Bucks as underdogs, while the team hopes to reintroduce the franchise both locally and nationally with the new design.

The new color scheme and logos will become official as soon as the current season comes to an end for the Bucks. Uniforms will be released at some point during the summer.

Merchandise with the primary logo is currently on sale exclusively at the BMO Harris Bradley Center. Gear with the secondary and tertiary logo will become available throughout the area once Milwaukee’s season ends. White and black will also officially be a part of the team’s palette, which allows for the sale of apparel in those colors.

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