Carlos Gomez is great, proves it again with gum gift

Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez loves gum and also loves sharing it with others.

Jeffrey Phelps

Carlos Gomez is the best.

He sprints around the bases like a maniac, bashing his own helmet after smacking home runs. He goes all-out for Mother’s Day, not just with pink bats and wristbands, but also by dying his goatee pink. He’s both tough and tender, inciting brawls on the field and tears of joy in the stands. The native Dominican notoriously once Googled "rich people conversations" to try and fit his urbanity with his affluence. He frequently swings so hard at the plate that he knocks himself down. He runs fast, hits the ball hard and makes ridiculous diving catches in the outfield.

The one thing he’s proven over and over again that he’s not is boring.

So during the Brewers’ game against the Reds on Saturday, the playful Gomez was at it again. In the third inning of Milwaukee’s win, its seventh in a row, the center fielder left a gift in the outfield for his Cincinnati counterpart, Billy Hamilton.

It was a big ball of chewing gum — Gomez loves gum and he apparently loves sharing it with others — along with a note that read, "I see you dropped all your gum so I brought you some more :)"

Hamilton burst out laughing because baseball is all about gum humor and also because Carlos Gomez is the best.

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