The best of Brewers Twitter mastermind Tim Dillard: Sept. 2017

If you didn’t know Brewers minor-league pitcher Tim Dillard and his notorious Twitter account, we introduced him to you a few months back.

A 15-year veteran of the Brewers’ organization, Dillard is a must-follow for all Brewers fans (or, really, anyone with even the slightest sense of humor) and tweets out hilarious videos, polls and observations about practically anything and everything.

By his own count, Dillard produced 123 videos last season with the help of 72 teammates, 23 members and 11 random people.

We’ve once again compiled the best of Dilard’s Twitter account (@DimTillard, of course), this time from the month of September.


This is a fun new wrinkle for Tim, who puts his own spin on those top-down recipe videos (we’ve all seen them).



Has a Triple-A baseball team ever had this much fun?



A masterpiece.


“I don’t always step on Legos…”



Did … did he blink? Like, even once?


I know, I know … traffic safety is important. BUT.


Needs more tweets.


Is this a clip from the movie “Old School,” did it actually happen, or both?


“One time.”