Marquette’s Otule has a not-so-hidden talent

Marquette University big man Chris Otule is known for his defensive presence and lane-opening ability, but his skillset is far more expansive than that.

Otule thinks of himself as a singer, with teammates such as Davante Gardner taking to Twitter to complain about the big man’s propensity to belt out a note or two. “All this dude do is sing Frank Ocean and The Weeknd on away games in the hotel room 24/7 non-stop,” Gardner tweeted on March 5.

Obviously, that hasn’t stopped this dude. The 6-foot-11 senior showed off his vocal range Friday afternoon, serenading CBS reporter Rachel Nichols with “The Girl is Mine” in front of teammates and media alike.

And while cameras were present, Otule was, not surprisingly, unfazed by the attention. The Texas native has had much bigger obstacles to overcome than embarrassment. He was born with glaucoma and had to have his left eye removed shortly after birth, causing him to wear a glass eye that he pops in and out with regularity.

Though playing with one eye hampers his field of vision, Otule played a key role as Marquette advanced to the Elite Eight with a resounding 71-61 victory over Miami on Thursday, scoring 11 points and grabbing three rebounds in 15 minutes of action.

The longer Marquette keeps on dancing, the more singing we’re bound to hear.