James White: Going on NFL visits

With the NFL Draft a month away, James White has been taking visits to a few NFL teams.

Jeff Hanisch/Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been pretty much laying low right now. I am doing visits with NFL teams and things of that nature, but not too many. I visited the Titans, Falcons and have a workout with the Dolphins on Saturday, too.

It’s a pretty long day. You’re with the coaching staff, meet with the running backs coach, watch film and talk about life in general. They’re just trying to get to know you a bit more. Drawing up plays, talk to you about like what kind of player do you think you are and their interest in you. Just trying to get to know you better. They’re just trying to get a better feel for you.

You just have to know your plays and your assignments — you should know them by now. If you don’t know them . . . I don’t know what to say.

They ask about plays we ran at Wisconsin. They kind of compare it to what they do, to kind of give you an example as something what they run. 

But they just stick to what we do at Wisconsin. You can talk a little bit about their offense, but you can’t go too in-depth because you don’t know too much about what they do or what they call things so it would be pretty difficult.

After you go on your first one, you kind of get an idea of what the visit it like. You’re pretty well prepared. You can ask questions, they ask you questions — it is pretty open.

With the visit, you’re in, you’re out. You never really know what is going to happen. Like I’ve said before, one draft pick can mess everything up, so you never know what can happen but you definitely want to leave a good impression.

You definitely have to sell yourself. It is the biggest job interview of your life. You have to go in there knowing what you’re doing because this can impact your future.

I’m not really sure if I’ll have more visits after this week. Things can pop up. But for right now this is going to be it. I haven’t had any pop up that quickly, but it can happen soon. I just have to be prepared.

So  I’ll just keep working hard, keep trying to stay in shape and be ready for the minicamp. I’m still in Wisconsin until Friday. Still working out with the strength coach at Wisconsin. Lifting, doing everything I can. Recovery . . . just trying to stay healthy.