Infamous Bradley Center bat caught, released

MILWAUKEE — One of Milwaukee’s most wanted has been caught — and released.
BMO Harris Bradley Center officials confirmed Monday that the flying bat that terrorized Saturday’s game between Marquette and Providence was contained in the arena’s east atrium and released from of the building. 
Now Monday’s battle between Marquette and South Florida can go on, bat free.
The bat caused four different delays in Saturday’s Marquette victory, flying fearlessly and dangerously low to players, coaches, officials and fans. At one point, players and coaches from both teams were on the floor throwing towels and warm-up pants at the bat, trying to corral it. 
Arena officials eventually turned all of the lights off in the building in an attempt to calm the bat down. The scene turned surreal when the Bradley Center DJ played Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and fans took their cell phones out and swayed them side-to-side like they were at a concert. 
The bat didn’t return after the lights were turned back on and didn’t make an appearance later Saturday night when the Milwaukee Bucks played the Golden State Warriors.
In the days since, the bat has taken on a personality of its own. A Twitter account was created and the flying mammal got national media attention from every major outlet. 
In response to the news the Bradley Center Bat had been caught, the Twitter account created for the bat tweeted that it was a “Classic PR stunt.”

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