In survey, league general managers like Bucks

Bucks head coach Jason Kidd was lauded by NBA general managers in a recent survey.

Morry Gash/AP

People who know things in the National Basketball Association like the Milwaukee Bucks.

They like the talented young players, especially Giannis Antetokounmpo. They like the decision-making of head coach Jason Kidd. They like the splashy move by the front office to sign free agent Greg Monroe.

And some of them even like the Bucks, just 18 months removed from their franchise nadir, to become one of the four best teams in the East this season.

That was the most striking takeaway from the survey of league general managers that was published Tuesday.

When asked to rank the top four teams in the Eastern Conference, the Bucks were one of seven teams to receive votes. They received 10.3 percent of the votes for the East’s fourth-best team; one GM even ranked them second.

This is the 13th year of the survey, which asks GMs 49 different questions about the best teams, players, coaches, offseason moves and more in the NBA. General managers were not allowed to vote for their own team or personnel; the percentages were based on the pool of respondents to a particular question, rather than all 30 GMs.

Bucks Season Preview

Milwaukee turned up in some expected — and unexpected — places in the survey. Below are listed the question and response for any section that included the Bucks.

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